Planning the next escape

I’ve only been home a few days, but planning for the next few trips has already begun in earnest. Wednesday and Thursday I spent time making arrangements for Newfoundland at the end of August, while today I was looking into packages to see bears during the salmon run in British Columbia in September/October. I made progress on both trips, though the bear trip is still a bit of a pipe dream. It’s not cheap.

Besides planning our next lot of travel, it’s been a busy few days. On Wednesday I went shopping with Dave, mostly to serve as babysitter of his son Josh, while he raced around IKEA picking up soft furnishings. And yes, I did buy a few things as well. Glen wanted another green rug for the balcony, and I also picked up a cheap clothes horse. We really should have bought one when we first arrived, but it’s so much easier using the dryer. Now, my guilt has caught up with me and I’m drying clothes on the balcony.

The journey around IKEA was fine, Josh slipping in and out of sleep as we went along. Babies are such attention-magnets. Everybody looks at a baby. I like to think it’s because I was pushing the pram, but really it’s just a baby thing. I also got to feed him, which went well.

After IKEA, we went to one of the scariest and most dangerous places on Earth: Costco. For those of you who don’t know what Costco is, it’s a giant warehouse that sells just about anything you need from fresh groceries to packaged foods, televisions, cleaning products, clothes. You name it, they have it. And it’s all cheap. You buy things in bulk (say, a kilometre of cling film) and the price goes down.

I was unable to resist buying things, things we desperately needed. Like a giant ream of paper, 350 ibuprofen, 22 razors, bananas, chicken, fish, a big jar of pesto, 115 dishwasher pods, and a big roll of baking paper. Absolutely essential, all of it. Luckily, common sense kicked in before too long and I refrained from buying anything else. I also messaged Glen and told him he’s forbidden from stepping foot in a Costco ever. He has no control.

Wednesday night we went for dinner at our neighbour Julian’s place. He put on a great spread, serving a lot of food. We ate our full, caught up on what’s been going on in our lives, and introduced him to Archer.

Thursday was my first day back writing since before I went to the UK. I managed to reach my word count target, which is just shy of 3000 words per day. The book is slowly coming together, and I think it will turn out ok. I’m discovering new conflicts and emotional triggers to put into the book, so it feels a bit more exciting for me to right now. This continued on Friday too. I’m meant to write every day between now and 20 August, but tomorrow we’re going to Canada’s Wonderland, a theme park, and I doubt I’ll do any when I get home. Just means more to write on Sunday.

Thursday evening we went for a farewell dinner with Clare and Shane, Bec and Alastair, at Origins. Clare and Shane leave next week and are going on a two month tour of Europe, before returning to Perth. (Glen and I both forgot they were from Perth, thinking they were from Brisbane, like Bec and Alastair). We did the shared food thing, which worked out well as we were able to try lots of different things, like truffled popcorn, a different take on Peking duck, and some delicious fried calamari. Was a great night. Sad to see another group friends leave, but thrilled for their coming adventures.

Friday was filled with writing, going to the gym, and researching more travels. I think we’ll be able to see the bears in October at Thanksgiving, provided we want to pay the fees. To be honest, I think it’s the cheapest option available and the place we’d be going looks stunning. Need to book it soon though as spaces have just about gone. In fact, there are only two left.

This evening we went to see Labyrinth at the cinemas with Pete and Royden. Yes, it’s the original Labyrinth with David Bowie. Thank god it only went for an hour and a half. I know I’m a traitor to my generation for saying this but damn that movie is terrible. It’s dated so much. The Dance Magic Dance song is now stuck in my head, which is ok because it’s probably the best bit of the whole film. I don’t think I ever need to see it (or David Bowie’s crotch) ever again.

Tomorrow, Canada’s Wonderland. I don’t think I’ll eat anything because those roller coasters look terrifying!

What do you say, eh?

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