Monty Python Live

The main driver for my trip to England was to see Monty Python and Wednesday night it was upon me. Richard, his boyfriend Michaud, and I met and had dinner (fish and chips) at a nearby (and expensive) pub, before Richard and I took the train out to The O2 Arena.

The arena is smaller than I expected, partly because it’s hidden inside the Millennium Dome which is massive. We had pretty good seats, on an incline where we could see everything. Of course, we were far enough back that they were indecipherable to the naked eye, but they had screens so we didn’t miss anything.

The show was filled with the classics, of course, many of which are on a cd I own. They started off with the Yorkshiremen, with a few changes, but still brilliant. The Bruce’s, The Spanish Inquisition, Arguments, Spam, Albatross, and of course, the Dead Parrot Sketch, were a few that I can now remember.

They had plenty of songs too, adding a couple of extra verses to the penis song from Meaning of Life, and giving renditions of Every Sperm Is Sacred, It’s Christmas In Heaven and I’m a Lumberjack.

John Cleese’s voice is very faded, but understandable for his age. Yet, in comparison, Eric Idle sounds as much as he did back in the day, especially during the songs.

There were a few clips from the show, often to give Chapman a bit of a showing, but my favourite was the WI’s re-enactment of the bombing of Pearl Harbour. That is pure absurdity and just so wonderful. I’m looking forward to watching them all again when we get back to Australia.

The show finished on a high with a very good encore, and I was left with a very warm glow. I’m so glad I made the effort to come over and see it as it was definitely worth it.

It finished at 10:30 and then we joined the hordes to get to the tube station, which took 40 minutes. Still, it moved with relative speed and without fuss. I bid farewell to Richard at Waterloo and continued back to Putney.

What do you say, eh?

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