A week both busy and quiet

TorontoThe past week has zoomed by, aided by the public holiday on Tuesday. While I didn’t do much during the days that followed, our nights have been pretty busy. Of course, I have been doing something during the day, mostly putting together a plan for the sequel to my book. I nearly finished a version of the sequel (my second version in fact) but it’s not working so I’ve come up with something else and am now working on that. I’ve also developed a sore throat and a general blergh feeling so that hasn’t helped my mental state.

But apart from that, the week has been a pleasant one.

Wednesday evening I went to a Feldenkrais group class. I wasn’t going to go as I was feeling pretty tired but as the time crept closer I decided to bite the bullet, get out of the house and head out. I’m glad I went. It was a hard class, doing lots of work while lying on our fronts and flexing our feet. I found it really frustrating to begin with but gradually got into it. I’m looking forward to going back to the classes once I’m back from the UK.

Thursday night we went out for Anna’s farewell dinner. Toronto has been hot mostly this week but Thursday night the temperature dropped and a cold wind blew through the city. Glen and I stepped out of the condo wearing shorts and tshirt. We soon turned around and changed into jeans and brought a jacket with us. Very glad we did as we were sitting out on the patio at Terroni’s.

Dinner was a mix of people we’d met before through Anna and some new ones. We quickly struck up a conversation with the new people, including a doctor from the UK called Zahra (who now lives here) and a Canadian called Alex who designs jewellery. We’re going to meet up with her to discuss wedding rings.

The food was good, nice wine, pleasant company. People left early but we stayed to the end with Anna, Zahra and Alex, and then Alex gave us a lift home. Not wanting to prolong the goodbyes, we gave Anna a hug when she was dropped off, and said we’d see her in October. She’s now off to Europe, travelling with her sister. I’m going to miss her.

Friday evening I went to Dave and Antony’s for dinner. I got to feed Josh, who fed perfectly for me. When Glen tried a couple of weeks before, Josh kept spitting it back up. Not so for me. Richard arrived while Josh was finishing up his bath and then soon after he was put to bed. Us adults sat around talking for a few hours, had dinner, ate the sticky date pudding I’d made (which, I must say, turned out delicious). Dave then gave me a lift home, and I got in after Glen (who started his week of on-call that night).

Bike TokenOn Saturday morning, Glen and I activated our bike tokens and took out a couple of the ‘free’ bikes that you can hire around Toronto. We cycled down to St Lawrence Market, which only takes about 15 minutes. Or would have done if not for all the red lights. We made it though and returned the bikes (though for some reason mine wouldn’t go into the dock so I had to take it to another station, which worked fine). I bought a couple of presents at the markets, Glen bought a croissant and then some meat, eggs and mushrooms. Within about 30 minutes we had had enough of crowds, got on our bikes and cycled home again. Let me just say, Toronto roads are absolutely atrocious. They’re so bumpy, especially on the sides where we cycle, and there are massive potholes everywhere.

Glen was on-call on Saturday night again. I went out for dinner with Rob & Adam, Peter & Royden. Rob and Adam are likely to be leaving on their big Canadian adventure while I’m in the UK so this was my chance to say goodbye until October (when they come back for the Cher concert and our wedding). The five of us had dinner on Baldwin St at a restaurant called Matahari. Not bad food, I had a chilli chicken dish, which probably could have done with more spice and flavour. After dinner we had ice-cream at the Asian ice-cream shop a few doors down. I had guava plum salt and strawberry lychee. Refreshing.

Rob and Adam left after the ice-cream, I said my goodbyes, and then Pete, Royden and I took ramen to Glen at the hospital, which wasn’t far. He was very happy to get some new food, having eaten his salad already. We then left him and walked back to the condo.

Later, after Glen got home, we headed out to Fly Nightclub with Adam and Kevin. It was Fly’s last night ever, and considering it’s such an icon (it was used as the set for the nightclub Babylon in Queer as Folk), and we’d only been once since arriving in Toronto a year ago, we made ourselves go out and dance. I’m glad we did. The music was pretty terrible, but it was good to see Adam and Kevin, and to also not having that feeling of having missed something. The place was packed and apparently stayed that way until at least 5am. Glen and I left sometime between 2 and 3, walked down Church St, bought a kebab and then went home to bed. A great night was had by all.

Packed!This morning, I lounged in bed until midday, which is when Glen left to go to work. He’s a bit sad that I’m leaving him for two and a bit weeks while I’m in the UK. I promised I’d try to miss him a little bit, and message him at least once while there. I’m all packed and ready to go, managing to fit everything into one carry-on suitcase. I could take more clothes and a bigger bag but honestly, I think I’ve got enough.

My flight doesn’t leave until 11pm so I’ve still got a few hours to kill.

What do you say, eh?

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