Canada Day

1 July is Canada Day. We had a fairly quiet day, partly to do with the horrible humidity that blanketed the city. We slept in, then went out to Bloor St to check out the Bay for wedding suits. We didn’t find anything we liked.

We went to Harry Rosen at the Eaton Centre next and saw a few things we liked, but not anything we really liked. The search continues.

It was about lunchtime then and Glen had a hankering for yum cha. As we were in the neighbourhood, we called Anna who lived nearby and she was free to come too. We went to Rosewood, managed to get a table quickly and proceeded to order and eat a mountain of food. Not the best thing on a hot day.

We were invited to a BBQ but strangely I had no energy left to do anything, the humidity and heat taking everything out of me. It was shame as it would have been great to spend time with people, and celebrate Canada Day. (Everyone has barbecues here on Canada Day, much like back home on Australia Day.)

Once we got home, we had a nap for a couple of hours, then (surprisingly) went to the gym. The rest of the evening was spent at home and not doing much. After such a busy weekend, having a quiet-ish day felt a little lack lustre.

And then we went to bed. I had a terrible night’s sleep, once I eventually fell asleep sometime after one.

So that was Canada Day. Still happy to be here.

What do you say, eh?

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