What’s happened since our return from Salzburg

Five days have passed since we returned from Salzburg. It feels like we never went, perhaps because we’ve been doing a lot since getting back.

Another Saturday Night

Saturday morning I went to a free Feldenkrais workshop. Friends back home do it and it sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s something I had planned to start doing when we arrived a year ago, but I didn’t get my arse in to gear until now. It went for a little over an hour. The teacher was pretty good too.

We spent the class lying on our backs or sides, making small and slow movements. You think that would be easy, but for someone like me who wants to rush through everything, it was a tough exercise. I really loved it though, as it made me take the time to feel sensations and the position of my body and really slow down. Enjoyed it so much that I decided I’d go to the regular (paid) classes on Wednesday evenings.

A little while after returning home, Glen and I had a nap. We weren’t suffering too badly from jet lag but we hadn’t had enough sleep the night before and we had a party to go to in the evening – the party of the season, in fact.

Ur and Israel were hosting their second annual pre-Pride pool party at their house. We got there a little after six, taking a cab with Pete and Royden. Pretty soon after that Glen ended up in the pool playing with the kids. He got major brownie points for that. The kids went to bed soon after that.

There were plenty of drinks and food, and lots of people to talk to. The hours flew by and soon it was midnight and the party was winding down. I definitely didn’t get enough sleep though.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

A very low key day. So low key I can’t remember much of what we did at all. I do remember that in the evening we walked down Church St as part of it has been shut off for Pride and there were some stalls and a stage. It’s all going to be much bigger this coming weekend.

Manic Monday

Pride TTC Weekly Pass
Pride TTC Weekly Pass

Not really. Not for me anyway. Glen went off to work. I stayed at home writing. I barely wrote while in Salzburg and didn’t get anything done on the weekend so I was behind in my word count. The aim is to have the first draft done by 7 July, which is when I go to the UK. Because of the lost week, I now need to write 4,000 words per day. It’s doable, and is a good exercise in being a ‘real writer’.

In the evening, Glen and I went to visit Dave and Antony who arrived that day. Antony starts his ophthalmology fellowship next week. They’ve arrived with 12 suitcases and a baby. Antony’s parents are also here for a visit and to help out. They went out for dinner while the four boys (five if you include their baby, Joshua) stayed at home and had pizza. It’s so lovely to have friends from home so close.

Tuesday’s Gone

Glen was on-call so I had the pleasure of his company at home for part of the morning. I wrote. He went to work. I then went Downtown to check out an art exhibition by Australian painter, Ross Watson. His exhibition is part of World Pride and features a lot of scantily clad or nude men. The artwork is very vivid, mixes modern and mythological subjects, and is pretty awesome.

Unfortunately (for the artist), it’s in a gallery that’s not all that convenient to get to. I was the only one in there (though it was the middle of the day). I’m glad I made the effort to check it out though.

In the evening I went to a Pride show called A Chorus Queen. I’d bought tickets for Glen and I (not realising he was on-call), as well as Pete/Royden and Rob/Adam. Julian, a new friend from our building, took Glen’s ticket so it didn’t go to waste. It was being shown in Hart House at University of Toronto. We were running a bit late but managed to get there in good time before the show started.

I hate to say it but it really wasn’t a good show. The cast did their best and a couple of them were very good performers, but it could have benefited from some better directing (and perhaps a script rewrite). I did feel bad for them though that the theatre was less than half full. (Part) Proceeds went to an AIDS charity so in the end we didn’t feel too bad about it. Plus it gave us all the chance to catch up, and listen to some show tunes (of which there were many).


More writing today. I reached my day’s word count so I was very happy about that. I had wanted to go see another exhibition for Pride, this time at the AGO during the day but time ran away from me. Also, the humidity outside doesn’t lend itself to doing much.

In the evening, I went to the Feldenkrais class. I found some of the exercises difficult but it was still an enjoyable experience overall and I left feeling happy. Looking forward to next week’s class.

Now I’m off to watch Archer on the couch with Glen.

What do you say, eh?

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