An uneventful return home to Toronto

We picked a good day to leave Salzburg as we woke up to rain. We went down to the conference centre at 9 to give Ravinder my Salzburg Card (it had one day left on it) and to say goodbye. We then had a quick breakfast at the Sheraton before returning to the hotel to check out.

Bicycles stacked outside Salzburg train station
Bicycles stacked outside Salzburg train station

A short walk to the train station and then a half hour wait later, we were on our way back to Munich. Trains in Europe are so wonderful and comfortable (at least this one was). The time flew by.

Salzburg Hbf
Salzburg Hbf

When we arrived at Munich, Glen ran off to Hofbrauhaus to exchange his lederhosen board sheets for a small pair. I stayed at the station and read a book. Glen got back about a half hour later, overjoyed that he’d been able to exchange the shorts with minimal fuss.

Next we caught the train to the airport, arriving with plenty of time to spare. We bought some duty free alcohol and cologne (for some reason I haven’t seen any duty free shops in Toronto airport) and then boarded the plan at 3:30 to begin our 8–9 hour journey home.

I watched two movies: Hateship Loveship (with Kristen Wiig and Guy Pearce – a slow but nice film) and The Prince and the Show Girl (with Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier). For the rest of the time I read a book, zooming through the third in Nalini Singh’s PsyChangeling series. Glen watched movies and tried to nap. We had a really nice flight attendant on the flight, which made the experience nicer.

Even though it’s only 8 or 9 hours from Europe to Toronto, considerably less than Australia to Europe, it’s still a long time. When will they invent teleporting?

We arrived at 6pm, half an hour early. The extra half hour was then eaten up while we waited for a gate. Disembarked. Border Security. Customs. Bus. Train. Home.

There’s now a big pile of washing (which we can do tomorrow) and we’re both very ready for bed at 8:30pm Toronto time. That’s one good thing about coming back from Europe. It appears to be easier to slip into regular sleep patterns. Unfortunately we’re missing the Pride Festival opening at the Town Hall with Melissa Etheridge and Steve Grand. Oh well.

What do you say, eh?

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