From Munich to Salzburg

Going to bed early the night before had the expected effect of making up for lost sleep and being wide awake at 5am. The curtains at the hotel didn’t do a very good job of keeping out the light so I woke with the feeling that the sun had never gone down. Because Glen was dead to the world and it being ridiculously early, I tried to sleep and managed to doze in and out over the next few hours.

Eventually, about 8am, one of the cleaners opened the door to our room, to which I shouted out, “Hello!” and, surprisingly, Glen woke up. Thank you, cleaning lady.

Wake up, Glen!

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Capitalising on Glen’s sudden wakefulness, we got up and headed downstairs for breakfast. There was an excellent buffet breakfast, much better than I was expecting. We could even order freshly cooked eggs and omelette. There was a large selection of cereals, breads, fruit and other hot things. We ate our fill.

We had a few hours to kill before we had to catch the train to Salzburg so we went walking again. We covered much of the same ground as yesterday, with the added benefit of seeing the glockenspiel do its thing at 11am.

For the first five minutes the top part does its dance with pages and knights, ending with one knight getting knocked of his horse by the other (or knocked backwards because the glockenspiel isn’t that advanced). The next five minutes is taken up with the folk dancers beneath who twirl around. And the last five minutes is just music with no movement. Most people lose interest during this part.

We also went to the Viktualmarket and walked around the food stalls. Despite all the food available, we only bought some apple chips. Neither of us were hungry (for a change) so rather than buy a whole bunch of things we didn’t want, we went back to the hotel to rest our legs.

I attempted to sleep on the couch in the foyer while Glen played on his phone. We left at about 1:15 and walked to the train station, found where we needed to go and bought some rolls for lunch. Chicken doesn’t appear to be very big on the menu here so I’m restricted in what I’ll buy. Luckily there was a turkey sandwich so I could have that. Everything has bread. You can’t avoid it.

During the wait, I came up with a Fun New Game, whereby every time I’d say, “München,” I’d poke Glen. I wouldn’t have continued with it if he didn’t burst into fits of giggles every time, even at the barest suggestion I was going to do it. He’s a funny boy.

The train to Salzburg arrived about twenty minutes late. Announcements were being made, but being in German we had little idea of what was being said so we flip-flopped between ignoring them and panicking that the platform had changed and we would miss the train. But we didn’t have to worry. The train arrived, we got on and found some seats for the one hour and 45 minute journey to Salzburg.

When we were about to pull into Salzburg, I started to get my things ready. Glen was asking what I was doing and I said we had to get off at the next stop. This was while an announcement was being made over the PA which mentioned Vienna. For some reason, Glen then thought we had to get on to another train to go to Vienna. Cue blank looks from me until I eventually figured out he’d gotten confused. “But we’re not going to Vienna!”

We got out of the train station and headed south towards the hotel. Glen had booked somewhere near the conference centre and relative near to the nice part of town. We checked in, chilled in the room for a bit then made a move to check out the old city.

As we were leaving the hotel, Ravinder, a radiologist from Perth, messaged Glen to say she was having coffee at Cafe Sancher and we should go meet her. We found the cafe and Ravinda easily enough, had some apparently well-known dry chocolate cake and coffee. Then walked through part of the town to find a restaurant called Alter Fuchs, which was well known for its schnitzel.

We sat in the garden courtyard, while inside patrons were watching the Germany vs Portugal match on TV. Despite choosing the restaurant for schnitzels, none of us ordered them. Glen and Ravinda had a mixed grill, while I had chicken with polenta. I also ordered spetzle for Glen and I to share. Spetzle is a German pasta dish that I’d eaten in Germany about ten years ago and really liked. Unfortunately it wasn’t exactly as I remembered (I think the Austrian version has bigger bits than the German one), still it was nice. The rest of the meal was pretty good as well.

After dinner we walked back towards our hotels, Glen and I stopping to get an ice-cream each (it was €1 per scoop!), as ice-cream in this part of the world is delicious. We dropped Ravinder back at her hotel, where we booked a Mozart concert and dinner experience in Europe’s oldest restaurant for tomorrow night.

The concierge then talked to us about leiderhosen and the traditions attached to them (such as they’re never washed, you pee in them, and you mark the front flap for every ‘conquest’). At first we thought he was having a laugh but he sounded pretty convincing.

We then said our goodbyes to Ravinder and walked back to our hotel. We’re planning on going on a cycling Sound of Music tour tomorrow. Can’t wait.

Fortress of Salzburg
Fortress of Salzburg

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