Flowers, contacts and dinner with the fellows

Despite having a terrible night’s sleep, we got up early and went to the gym. Shoulder day today. Bec was there. It’s always nice to have a friend in the gym. Getting up so early meant that the morning seemed to go for a long time. Glen went off to work and I started writing, clocking in a couple of thousands words before I went to my chiropractor appointment.

The clinic is near the Allan Gardens Conservatory and as I haven’t been in there since the dead of winter I thought I’d check it out again. The contrast between outside and inside wasn’t as stark this time but there were some beautiful floral displays. A few actually made me gasp. There was this one tree with these aquamarine flowers. I’ve never seen a colour like it on a flower before. Stunning. So beautiful in fact that another visitor also mentioned it.

After my quick visit, which was refreshing for the soul, I went to collect my new contact lenses. I finally found a brand that doesn’t feel like I’m wearing sandpaper on my eyes. So comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them and then go to adjust my glasses, only to find I’m not wearing them. So I’ve got a box for each eye, six in a pack, and I’m set for our trip to Austria. I’m wearing them now and pretty happy with the way they feel (though they’re not exactly cheap and definitely cost more than glasses).

I wrote some more words for my manuscript this afternoon, pleased with where I’m getting (though impatient to have the thing done). If I can, hopefully I’ll have the whole 80,000–90,000 words (or near enough) written by the end of the first week of July, which is when I’m off to the UK. That will give me two weeks to let it ruminate and settle before launching into an aggressive edit. July is pretty much a write off so looks like August and September will be very busy with getting this done.

Tonight was Fellows Dinner night, one of the last with this group of lovely people as all but Minnie are leaving in a couple of weeks. I met them at Mount Sinai Hospital at six and we went to a restaurant called Bocca on Baldwin St. Reasonable food, lots of doctor talk. A couple of hours later we went on our way. Only a few more weeks before Anna and Vaughan go. Very sad about that.

And finally, a friend posted this link on Facebook of 32 Pictures That Will Change The Way You See The World saying be prepared to have a bit of a cry. I was sceptical but clicked on it anyway. Well, she was right. Some of them were very touching and did bring tears to my eyes. I’m a softy at heart for sure. Anyway, click on the link and feel good about yourself.

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