Back in the planning phase

We’re getting into a bit of a busy period, travel wise. I know it’s a funny thing to say considering how much we’ve done over the past couple of months. But we’re off to Salzburg very soon and then a couple of weeks after that, I head to the UK. Then it’s only a short week before we go to Churchill to SWIM WITH BELUGA WHALES!

So I’ve been busy organising catch-ups with people in the UK. Two weeks is usually long enough but this time I’m going to a conference for a couple of days, followed by two days in Wales with Nikki. I’ve never been to Wales so I’m super excited about it, especially seeing it with Nikki. Want to know the best part of those two days? Nikki’s planned it all so I just get to enjoy.

I’ve also got to look into booking a few more things in Churchill. The only thing that’s locked in is a snorkelling on one of the four days we have there. And there’s not much in Churchill so we’ll have to add a bit more wildlife viewing. Sadly, it’s not polar bear season, though we may get lucky and see an early arrival. I’m tempted to book in a second snorkelling session but Glen’s not that keen and you have to go in pairs. I’ll work on him though.

After that trip, there’s nothing booked. I had Glen request leave for trips that we could potentially take but nothing’s locked in yet. The next one would be a four-day visit to Newfoundland. Recently we’ve been seeing photos and posts on Facebook of the icebergs that are merrily bobbing along. I wish we were going now so we could see them.

But we’re aiming for end of August/beginning of September and the wildlife viewing takes a bit of a dip. The puffins are in Witless Bay in July so we’ll miss them. I still want to see the place and might go a few days earlier to check it out (Glen has limited time and so we’re going to check out the western side together). Problem is the more I read, the longer I need to stay there.

I know I can always go again but what if I can’t? So, I’m thinking I’ll go for the time I think I need, Glen will get there, we’ll see things and come back to Toronto. Next year, if we can swing it, we’ll go looking for icebergs and puffins. Honestly, if we had a spare weekend this month, we would go and see the icebergs now. They’re unpredictable so there might not be any next year. There weren’t any last year.

So you can see my conundrum, I’m sure. Too much to see. Not enough time (or money).

Aside from planning holidays for the rest of the year, I’ve been writing. I’m trying to write a 90,000 novel in 30 days. Luckily I have some previously written chapters I can include. Today I’m up to 25,000 words or so, which is a little behind but not terribly. I’ll lose days in Salzburg for sure but what can you do?

Tonight we’re off to see Maleficent with a few friends.

What do you say, eh?

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