Germans, Moore, Bacon and Fellows

This week we said hello again and goodbye to Mon, Christian and the kids. They returned to Toronto on Tuesday for a few more days after they’d explored part of Ontario. They saw moose! Tuesday night we all had dinner together, having homemade pizzas this time.

I'm keeping him!

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Wednesday they went to the Science Centre but I declined and stayed home to write and do some paid work. I’ve got a deadline of 6 October to finish the sequel to my book and need as much time as possible to get it done. (It’s not going so well at the moment but I won’t bore you with it all.) Glen was on-call but the rest of us had take-away Indian from over the road.

Thursday Monika and I (and baby Leo) went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to check out the Francis Bacon and Henry Moore exhibition. Because of my membership, I could get us both in for free, which was handy. Leo was very popular with everybody. You certainly get a lot of attention with a baby. They’d be good for diversions.

We stayed for a bit of a talk on one of Bacon’s paintings, which was great as you get to understand it all a bit more instead of looking at something and going, “OK,” then moving on. I entertained Leo for half of it while Monika got to listen. By the time the talk was done though, it was time to head off.

My favourite place in the AGO #toronto

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Mon and I got some food at the nearby hospital, hoping to see Glen but he had a lunchtime meeting, and then caught the subway and streetcar to the Distillery District to meet Christian and Jani. We walked around for a little bit, had some more food, then returned home. In the evening I made a lentil dish and some banana “ice-cream”.


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Leo in the art gallery

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The family left on Friday afternoon, late enough to allow Jani to go for a swim in the condo hot tub AND the pool. I don’t know how he was still awake when they left to catch the train to the airport at 2:30. Saying goodbye sucks, especially when you’re not certain of the next time you’re going to see someone. Hopefully it will be within the next two years. Until then, there’s Facebook and Skype.

In the evening Glen and I went for dinner with Pete and Royden to the Keg. We haven’t seen them for ages, even though they only live in the same building. Still, we had a really nice and filling dinner and caught up on everything that’s happened since our last meet up.

Saturday Anna hosted a BBQ on her rooftop for the Fellows as they’re all finishing at the end of the month. It was a stunningly beautiful day, about 25°C, clear blue skies, gentle breeze. We got there just after 3. Vaughan cooked everything on the BBQ. More people arrived. We ate a lot of food. The doctors talked mostly about the hospital, as they’re prone to do. There were a few normal conversations though. We stayed until 8:30…only for Glen, Anna and I to go over the road to get ramen (though I was too stuffed to have any). All up, it was a wonderful afternoon and a shame that it’s come right at the end of the fellowship year.

Today has been less exciting. I wrote a few thousands words, getting more and more in a sulk that the book isn’t coming together as I’d hoped. Then, in the afternoon, Glen and I sat down to sort through things on our wedding list. There is nothing so unromantic as planning a wedding. It’s awful. We’ve made decisions for about half of the things, determining next steps for most of the rest. It’ll get done. Somehow.

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