Brunch in Brooklyn

A late-ish start to the day, which was quite nice, though I could really do with some more sleep. I packed my luggage, managing to fit in all the goodies that Albert had brought me (about 11 or 12 kg worth, which makes me even more grateful for him lugging it all that way. At least now he has more space and weight to buy new things), and headed out to Brooklyn to meet Albert and Andrew.

It is another stunningly beautiful day and the light does Brooklyn well. Lots of people out enjoying the sun, walking through this trendy part of town (that really needs the streets swept because there is trash everywhere). We wandered down Bedford Ave then back up it, in search of somewhere that looked like a nice place to eat. We eventually settled on Potlikker.

People were sitting at tables, reading newspapers, generally enjoying their Sunday morning rituals. We were served by no fewer than three waitstaff. It was a bit annoying as you’d tell one something and then another would come by to ask a question that you’d already been asked by the previous person. It’s not all that big a place so three staff for a small number of people was probably a bit much. Still, they were all attentive and friendly.

I ordered a lemon citron presse and the boys had American coffee (no espresso here). We were given a Dutch pancake that had been made by accident. It’s a Yorkshire pudding type dough made flat and topped with potatoes and bacon. I ate a bit of the dough. Then our mains came.

Mine was fried poached eggs with a vegetable salad. It was surprising (the yolk was deliciously runny) and tasty. Andrew had a quiche, while Albert had a fried chicken burger/sandwich thing, and a side of boiled peanuts. We then ordered a dessert to share, a sweet Dutch pancake topped with dulce de leche, fruit and candied pecans. Divine! Sweet without being too sweet. Glad we only had a third each though as a whole one might have been a bit over the top.

Fried poached eggs. #believeit #brunch

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We finished at 1 and I bid farewell to the boys. They were off to explore more of Brooklyn in the sunshine, while I rushed to catch the train back to Aaron’s. I collected my luggage and jumped in a taxi to LaGuardia. I arrived much sooner than anticipated, within about half an hour, and that was with a detour through Brooklyn and busy traffic.

Check-in was quick because I was more than two hours early for my flight. Security was quick as well. Now I’m at the lounge, waiting to board and thinking about all the things that need to get done over the coming months. Finalising the wedding plans is the most important and writing the sequel to my book is a close second.

I enjoyed New York a lot this time, despite not seeing much of the tourist things. Spending it with friends is always good, and seeing a bit of the nightlife and being spoilt with such beautiful weather has made it even better. The only thing that could have made the time more enjoyable was if Glen had come. But absence makes the heart grown fonder and all that.

In two weeks we go to Salzburg. Go! Go! Go!

"Thank you for riding the MTA" #nyc #mta #subway

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