A glorious day in New York

Aaron and I went for breakfast in the West Village. Like Toronto, spring has hit really hard here. The trees are covered in green leaves. The sun is out, the sky is a clear blue. And the residential streets in the West Village look how you think New York should look. It’s stunning.

#nyc in #spring

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I hadn’t eaten much the night before (a slice of pizza for dinner and two pieces of toast) so I was starving. I ate two poached eggs, and a chicken-and-potato hash, which were pretty good. By the time we finished it was about 11 so after getting back to the apartment I collected my bag and set off uptown to the American Museum of Natural History.

(Why it has to be the American Museum of Natural History I don’t know considering it’s unlikely to be another country’s museum.)

Dead Animals and Screaming Children

The entry building is impressive with it’s high roof and stone walls, like one of the Smithsonian museums in Washington. The place is huge and you’d need more than a day to see everything. Fortunately, I didn’t really want to see everything.

I went along to a poisons exhibition and watched the interpretive demonstration about a case in the 1800s where a man was poisoned with arsenic. From there I checked out some of the (dead) animal exhibits which were very well put together and had the animals in some very striking poses. However, I didn’t spend long looking.

A quick look through the ocean area and checking out that huge whale model that’s suspended from the ceiling, then a walk through a few more galleries and I was done. I don’t think I was in quite the right head space to look at all that knowledge and try to assimilate it. I was much happier to have just been there, see the building, and then go on my happy way. Plus it was such a beautiful day outside that to be inside for too much of it seemed such a waste.

Also there were children everywhere!

A Quiet Lunch and a Nap in Central Park

I then went for lunch at Cafe Luxembourg, a recommendation from Aaron’s boyfriend, Justin. It’s the kind of place that has a lot of regulars as the diners and the waiters seemed to know each other. I had a very nice grilled chicken and quinoa salad. I declined having a dessert but there was one on there – peanut butter ice-cream, chocolate meringue, caramelised banana and sorbet – that looked like heaven. I’m going to attempt to make something similar at home.

After lunch I walked towards Central Park, stopping in at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church which looked quiet and beautiful, then found a nice spot on the grass in the sun, and then lay down. I almost fell asleep it was so nice out. I stayed for a while before getting up to walk around a bit more of the southern part of the park. People were everywhere, including lots of shirtless men, some playing volleyball. I stopped and watched for a bit then headed out.

I was initially going to walk downtown for a while but, being nearly 5pm and the streets already clogged with people, I opted to catch the subway back to Aaron’s. I was starting to tire from the walking anyway. Heading out again later tonight, and Albert and Andrew arrive this evening as well. I think I need a nap.

Soaking up some #sun in #centralpark #nyc

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An Aside: Subway Station Sculptures

At 14th Street station, there are a few really cool sculptures dotted about the place. Here are a few of them.

#sculpture #nyc

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#sculpture #nyc

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#sculpture #nyc

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