Social butterflies

It’s been a busy couple of days so far this week. All go, go, go. In the evenings for me at least. Monday evening we went to Ur and Israel’s to take advantage of their pool. It reached about 30°C during the day, which was a surprise. It felt like summer, a nice summer too. We splashed around with the kids for a while and then had sushi for dinner.

Tuesday night I’d organised for a group of us to go see X-Men: Days of Future Past. There were 11 of us in total. About half of us went for dinner at Ginger beforehand. It was another warm muggy day and people were everywhere. Also Tuesday is cheap movie day in Canada (just like back home only actually cheap) and the cinema was heaving with people.

I’d pre-booked our tickets for the big AVX screen so we could have allocated seats. We were in the fifth row from the front but luckily these seats were a bit further back than expected so the closeness wasn’t an issue. I think just about everyone enjoyed the film. It was better than I was expecting though I thought it took a long time to get going and there wasn’t much action, except at the end. Still, it was fun.

Glen enjoying his ribeyeTonight Glen and I went with Anna for dinner to Barrio Coreano in Koreatown. I’d read about this Korean-Mexican fusion place in the Porter inflight magazine a couple of months ago and was intrigued. We also haven’t spent much time west of where we live so it was good excuse to check out another part of the city. I made a reservation during the day and I’m glad I did because the place was half-full when we arrived at 6:30 and completely full when we left.

It’s a funky kind of place without being wanky. The only people who looked like they might of been Korean were working in the kitchen. Everyone else working there was white and so were most of the clientele. Service was really good and we had a friendly, knew-his-stuff waiter. We started off with calamari, followed by fish cakes/balls and then two mains which we shared. One was lobster bibimbap (the flesh from the lobster tails was battered and fried) and a 32oz slab of ribeye that we couldn’t finish. In fact, I don’t think Anna and Glen got through half of it.

Ribeye of the gods!The mains we ordered were the biggest (and most expensive) things on the menu. Unfortunately we didn’t have room to try the tacos or any of the other delicious looking things on the menu. The couple next to us had food envy though and kept asking what we had ordered. We managed to save room to share two desserts between the three of us – a tres leches cake and a big slab of fried ice-cream. We washed it all down with some cocktails.

Highly recommend this place for dinner and I’m keen to go back to try the rest of the menu. I think it’s probably one of the few restaurants in Toronto that I’ve really enjoyed where the food has been excellent and full of flavour.

We waddled back to the train station and then parted at Bloor-Yonge station. It’s nice walking down the street at 8pm with it still being light out. Summer is definitely in the air.

I’m just about packed for my short trip to New York. Albert, who I’m meeting in New York, brought some requested food items for me, though he’s brought more than I expected. This includes 3 x 1 kg tins of Milo (Canadian Milo is awful), 3 x jars of Vegemite and 3 x jars of Golden Syrup (though I’ll absolutely only need one). I was going to bring a proper suitcase with me but I figure I can fit everything into my hand-luggage suitcase along with the few clothes I’m bringing. It’ll all be fine. And this way I’m forced to not take clothes I won’t wear and I don’t have to wait for checked luggage in La Guardia.

Looking forward to the little adventure though would be nicer if Glen was coming too.

What do you say, eh?

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