Let It Go: a song for all occasions

Last night we went to Rob and Adam’s to watch Disney’s Frozen. I’d seen the first five or ten minutes of it a couple of times as it seems to be on repeat at Ur and Israel’s house (they have three small children). So we’d heard a few of the songs, and watched the power ballad Let It Go.

Finally, we got to see the whole thing all the way through, which was rather pleasant. Probably one of the better Disney movies (though don’t scratch too far below the surface because I think it all starts to fall apart).

Despite our age (or maybe because of it), we still laughed in all the right places. Olaf the snowman getting the most, particularly with his “I don’t have a skull…or bones” line.

After we left the boys’ place, we walked down King St towards the subway station, breaking into song along the way, rambling through the words of Let It Go, not quite remembering them all.

When we got home, Glen and I both downloaded it and it rang out around the apartment as we got ready for bed. While Glen was in the bathroom about to brush his teeth, he complained about the cord for the electric toothbrush and how it was jammed in the drawer. He’d complained about it earlier in the day and I’d blamed him.

Anyway, almost by divine providence, the chorus of Let It Go kicked in just as he was finishing his rant, and I sang back, “Let it go, let it go!” It worked perfectly. At least I thought it was funny. I’d say you might have had to be there but Glen was there and he didn’t laugh. Just rolled his eyes. At least it stopped him grumbling.

I think I’ll use this song as my go-to response when people complain. (I now know most of the words having kept it on repeat while at the gym this morning.)

What do you say, eh?

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