Glen’s Birthday Party

The weekend passed in a blur. Saturday morning we woke up stupidly early for a Saturday morning. The upside was we were able to Skype Simon and Dan in Melbourne, then Ben and Dion in Perth. Simon and Dan gave us a tour of their new place while Ben and Dion discussed travel plans for later in the year.

After the phone calls and a gym workout, Glen and I went with Bec and Alastair to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen for brunch with a few of the other Australian fellows. Good food and nice chats. It’s sad to think that some of the Aussies we’ve met here will be leaving in the next couple of months.

With brunch done, we went grocery shopping to get supplies for Glen’s birthday party at our place that night. Once home, I made a flourless almond chocolate cake and napped the afternoon away.

At 6, I started to get things ready for the party, raising a concern that we didn’t have enough vodka for all the cocktails we were intending to make. Glen left in a huff to search out more vodka, while I made icing for the cake, prepared cocktails, and generally got things ready to go. Glen returned from having to go farther afield and brandishing a very large bottle of vodka.

Ur and Israel were the first to arrive bang on 7pm, the time the party was meant to start. More guests arrived as we showed them the new apartment and they made the right noises about the view (which contained a rather beautiful sunset). Anna came with platters of sushi which were pounced on and disappeared pretty quickly.

At 9pm, Cards Against Humanity began. We started with six players but at it’s high point it had about nine people playing. More people arrived later in the evening and the game kept going. We went through most of the alcohol we’d prepared, everyone keen to have more frozen strawberry vodka cocktails or pomegranate cosmopolitans.

Then, before we knew it, it was 2:30am. I have no idea how that happened. The card game wound down, people began to gather their things and bid farewell, and soon Glen and I were crawling into bed. It was a great party, much like the last one, and I’m looking forward to holding another one – when we find the time.

The next day wasn’t very pleasant. I woke up with a very bad headache at about 7am, then was too tired to do anything so slept some more until 11am. We were meant to go to the ROM for a behind-the-scenes look at the collection and check out their birthday celebrations, but neither of us were desperate to go. I went back to bed and read a book until about 6pm (Something Like Summer by Jay Bell. Highly recommended.), while Glen went to work to do research for about four hours.

I spoke to my sister in the evening on Skype. Pete and Royden came by to pick up a few things, and the rest of the evening was spent on the couch.

Even though we’re away quite a lot, I do like our weekends in Toronto as they’re always different and enjoyable.

What do you say, eh?

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