Moving into the new apartment

The new view
The new view

I’m writing this while sitting in the sunshine on the balcony of our new apartment. It’s a bit breezy (not quite shorts and t-shirt weather yet) but the warmth from the sun is lovely. Living in Australia, where it’s sunny just about all the time, I’ve always taken it for granted. These past few days when the sun has come out over cold Toronto, I’ve never felt happier to feel its presence.

We got the keys to our new apartment yesterday afternoon. Glen was at work so it was just me to meet the new landlord (well, her father really, as our real landlord is overseas somewhere).

I got the keys at 2:30 and at 3 Kevin and I began moving bags up to the new apartment. I’d met Kevin for lunch and he was only too happy to help me move. I was very glad of the extra hands as I would have lost momentum after about half an hour.

Starting to move in
Starting to move in

At 5pm, we got the service elevator as I’d booked it from then until 8pm. A good time for us but not a good time for the people coming home from work. The lifts are inefficient at the best of times but to have one out of action must have made things very inconvenient for people (one of whom was Glen who came home at about 5:45 to our nearly empty old apartment).

By the time Glen arrived, there wasn’t much left to do except the day bed. Glen put it together so I figured he’d have more knowledge of how to disassemble it, so I left it to him and Kevin.

Everything was out of the old apartment and into the new one by 7 so we went off for dinner at the all-you-can-eat Indian buffet place down the road. Stuffed ourselves (well, Glen and Kevin did. I was only moderately full by the end of it). It was a well deserved meal.

A clean apartment - shame it's no longer ours
A clean apartment – shame it’s no longer ours

Today I cleaned the old apartment. It took about three or four hours to get everything done, with a couple of breaks in between when I went to get new cleaning materials. I’m pretty happy with the way it looks now. It’s been lived in but at least it looks moderately cleaned and we don’t have to worry about it any more.

However, there are two things left to do: remove the Rogers modem (and return it), and hand back the keys. All of which can be done on Monday when we return from Montreal.

Bye-bye old view
Bye-bye old view

Cons for the new place

It's a long way to the (almost) top
It’s a long way to the (almost) top

Living on the 40th floor means waiting longer for the lift. It also means having to stop at a lot of floors on the way down. This morning the lift must have stopped about 10 times and it was crammed by the time we got down to ground level. This was, however, at a quarter to nine in the morning and most of those people were going to work. Mental note that I’ll have to avoid rush hour times.

The blinds we asked to have installed in the bedroom aren’t block out blinds. In the old apartment we had to buy tension rods and curtains to block out the sun in the bedroom (I have trouble sleeping when it’s bright). We might have to find a way to put them back into commission in the new place. We’ll see how we go.

Pros for the new place

The clutter in all its glory
The clutter in all its glory

We have somewhere to live. While cleaning the old apartment, I felt a bit sad that we were leaving. Realising that it wasn’t actually by choice made me feel a bit better about it.

We got to have a sort out of a few things. Not much has been chucked but there are lots of things in the kitchen cupboards that can go. There’s rice and pasta in there that we don’t eat and sooooo many herbs – and a lot of nuts for some reason. I’ll have to minimise (but I probably won’t).

The view is pretty good. I liked being able to see the greenery (behind the Rogers building) from our old place. The new apartment is higher up, meaning we can see the lake (on clear days), but you have to look around the corner to see any hint of greenery. Still, the afternoon sun is nice (we got morning sun before), of which I am enjoying now.

I hope we don’t have to move again for at least another twelve months.

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