The apartment is ours

Yesterday morning we checked out the newly available apartment in our building. On the 40th floor. It was Good Friday so I was very impressed that the realtor was willing to show it to us. It’s never been lived in. All the appliances are still wrapped. The view is impressive and the layout is like Pete and Royden’s apartment, so we’re already a bit used to.

We were in there for about fifteen minutes and said that we’d take it. The difficulty would come from being able to contact the brokerage firm and the apartment’s owner on a public holiday.

Our realtor went off, drew up the paperwork and Glen went down the road to have coffee with Tim and Vaughan and then buy things for dinner for the four of us at our place. He didn’t get long down there before I was calling him back to sign paperwork. The offer was going through, things were moving fast.

We signed more paperwork and off it went to the brokerage firm. We were hoping for an answer before 5pm Saturday.

So, with that taken care of, Glen and I went back down to the supermarket, Loblaw’s, to meet Tim and Vaughan and shop. I should have stayed home. The place was heaving with people and my tolerance for supermarkets is low at the best of times. It gets worse when the place is packed and people are too stupid to move out of the way.

Finally we were done. The boys came back to our place. We had a late lunch then Glen began to prepare a roast. We played Cards Against Humanity while we waited (I won) and then dinner was ready. We were all a bit full still but it was a very good roast. We then watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the boys left about ten. It was a good day.

This morning, after the gym, Glen went to work for a couple of hours (extra money yay!). I got a phone call from the realtor to say our offer had been accepted. YAY! I then rang Glen and told him we had more paperwork to sign and he’d have to be home by 1:30.

I went and got a haircut, a bank draft and then went home to wait for Glen’s return. We had a quick lunch, went and signed the paperwork, and the place is ours. We move in Tuesday. Can’t believe how quickly it’s all been handled. When we first got notice our place was being sold, I imagined a drawn out process until the end of our 1 year term.

Instead, it’s taken less than a week to find a new place and sign on the dotted line. The move is going to be rushed as we’re off to Montreal on Thursday but as long as we’re in, that’s all that matters.

I’ll post photos of the new place (and the view) once we’re in.

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