Vancouver, a town for walking

I went to the gym this morning for the first time since Saturday. Felt good to get back in to the routine, even if my sleeping patterns are still a bit out of whack. After the gym and breakfast, I hit the pavement. It’s been a warm 10°C in Vancouver today, warm enough for me to just have to wear a jacket (not my Canada Goose one) without a beanie or gloves. Amazing!

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Vancouver right now (in fact, it’s the cherry blossom season) so I saw plenty of these trees along my walk along the sea wall. I walked along False Creek, all the way up to Stanley Park. Right on the tip of Vancouver, Stanley Park is huge. It’s kind of like Kings Park back home, just with different vegetation.

Because it’s so big and I was on foot, I barely cracked the surface. I walked along the bottom of it, around the edge of the Lost Lagoon (which isn’t so lost after all), and headed in the direction of Beaver Lake. But by that time it was about noon and I was hungry and all the restaurants in Stanley Park were closed.

Not wanting to walk for another four hours without food, I abandoned my plans of heading to Beaver Lake and instead caught the bus (for free!) downtown. I got off near to Gas Town, a historical district that’s very trendy now, and searched for food.

I really wanted pizza but I refrained. During my food hunt, I passed a film crew with their vans and equipment setting up outside one of the restaurants. Later when I walked past, they were filming inside the restaurant, with fake snow falling outside the window. I don’t know what or who they were filming though. There was an old style tram in the street with “San Francisco” on it so maybe that was a clue.

I stopped for lunch in the Steamworks Pub and ate spicy edamame and half a sundried-blueberry-and-maple-glazed roast chicken. Delicious. Sated, I walked back up Gas Town, bought some birthday cards, then walked back to the apartment. By the time I got in it was about quarter to four, which I think was a good effort.

I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing various bits and pieces of work, mostly promotional stuff for my book. It’s coming along. I’ve had someone accept a review request and I’m hoping for more over the next few days.

I think I’ll have an early night tonight and try to catch up on some sleep. Before I do though, I need to figure out what to see tomorrow. Then it’s only one more sleep until Glen arrives. Can’t wait.

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