Spring, winter, Lego Movie and a photo shoot

snowTuesday was the warmest day it’s been in a while. I think it got up to 6°C. I went shopping, not bothering to take my Canada Goose coat. Instead I wore my fluffy jacket over a tank top. I went to the Eaton Centre, which is heated to a hundred million degrees so off came the jacket. I bought a couple of new shirts that I wanted to wear at a photo shoot I was having the next day.

I do much better in shops when I have a set idea of what I need. I was looking for a white tshirt, a white shirt and a waistcoat. I found them all (but decided against getting the waistcoat) and then wandered around the shopping centre for a bit longer. I looked in a few other shops (FCUK and Armani Exchange both had sales) but not actually needing anything, I quickly grew bored.

I exited the Eaton Centre and walked down the street to the train station. I was still really warm from being inside the shopping centre so I didn’t need to put my jacket on for the walk outside. It wasn’t until I got into the subway and was waiting for a train that I needed to put it back on (a rush of cold wind came through the subway tunnel as a train arrived).

In the evening, Glen and I went to the movies to see The Lego Movie. It was Tuesday so we only paid $8 for the tickets (which is $3 more if we’d gone to Carlton Cinemas or Magic Rainbow but the Yonge-Dundas Cineplex was more convenient). Tim, Vaughan and Adam joined us. The place was packed. Seems like everyone wants to go to the movies on a Tuesday.

The movie was…ok. Some funny bits. It’s basically a kids’ movie with a lot of references and jokes thrown in to keep adults amused too. Went on a bit long. The best part was the song:

And after the film we went for dinner at Johnny Rocket’s.

So today has been a bit of a shock. After yesterday’s warm weather, Glen and I woke up to a grey sky with…something…falling from it. At first I’m sure it was rain but as time ticked along, it changed to snow. It’s nearly 4:30pm now and it’s been snowing, non-stop and heavily, since at least 8:30am. That’s 8 hours of snow with no sign of letting up. I thought we were done with all this.

Glen’s been on academic day and had to go into the hospital to do various bits and pieces. As I mentioned earlier, today was the day I had a photoshoot. I need author head shots for my publisher’s website, as well as mine and various promo pieces. I’d found the photographer, Anne, through a Google search. The price was right, I liked her work, and she was available.

Anne lives out near Kipling so it’s a bit of a journey out there. Snow was covering everything. I’m sure it still is covering everything. Walking up the street past all these houses with their white driveways, I felt kind of glad I live in an apartment building. There are no driveways to shovel, we’re generally guaranteed to be able to get out of the building, and the heat is constant. Still, it did look very pretty and Anne’s house backs onto a golf course (she can see coyotes from her kitchen).

The photo shoot was pretty painless. Despite the clothes I’d taken, we only used a few shirts and the rest was locations and positions. Like most people, I hate how I look on camera. Having said that, there were quite a few that could be used (once I overlook my eyes, nose, cheeks…). I’ll post some here when I get the final versions back.

The shoot lasted an hour and we got plenty of shots. I then said my goodbyes and stepped out into an even whiter world. The snow was falling even heavier when I left. Standing out at the bus stop was fun, especially as the snow blew from the direction from which the bus would arrive.

I came home to a balcony rapidly filling up with snow. Perhaps needless to say, I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon inside, working on a friend’s website. I’ve also been asked to quote on some more work, which – if I get the job – will keep me busy for quite a few months. I also need to fit in rewriting one of my books so I can send it to my publisher as soon as possible.

Things are good.

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