Back on daylight savings

We’re back on daylight savings time now, with the clocks going forward an hour on Sunday morning. It’s strange but Toronto is on daylight savings time more than it is on normal time. Clocks go back in November and forward at the start of March, giving us only four months on ‘normal’ time.

I’ve already noticed the difference. First, it’s dark again when we get up in the morning. And second, we’re an hour closer to the people back home so it doesn’t feel quite so late/early when I’m talking to them online.

Sunday night we had another lovely dinner at Peter and Royden’s. Pete made pulled pork, which looked very appetising, and then for me, because I’m difficult, made chicken. I brought the remaining lamingtons and Royden enjoyed a couple of them (Pete can’t eat them), and then we watched The Nutty Professor. It’s such a juvenile film but I just can’t help laughing during the family dinner scenes.

Today it was back into some sort of routine. Glen and I went to the gym, though at different times. It had been a week since I’d been last. I was very glad to get back there.

The rest of my day was filled with odds and ends, and nothing very meaty. I got my haircut. I went to two different grocery stores (at one I had a chat with the cashier and she told me how back in the caribbean they made a dessert with whole milk powder, something she can’t make here because you can only buy skim milk powder and it’s not the same. I was buying skim milk powder to use in the yoghurt I have to make for Glen).

I wrote a couple of blog posts to help promote my book and I mused on the problems that have to be overcome in the sequel I’ve written but have to rewrite. I think I’ve come up with a solution. Now I just have to write it.

Glen came home later than normal today, but the timing was good. He arrived home soon after I finished making a bouillabaisse. We bought fish, scallops and shrimps at the market on Saturday and all of it went into the soup. It turned out quite nicely. Could do with some vegetables to fill it out though. We’ve got plenty of leftovers as there was about 1.5 kg of fish in it.

Oh, and the other news is that I’ve received my cover for my book. It’s got a very hot guy on the cover and fits pretty well with the theme. I’ll be posting it online shortly, so keep an eye out for it.

Right. We’re going to watch Harry Potter now (the fifth one). I wonder how many holes we’ll pick in this one.

What do you say, eh?

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