Winter’s not giving up

This is the street where our friends were thinking of living.
This is the street where our friends were thinking of living.

Winter has stuck up its finger to Torontonians and declared war on spring. Spring is far too weak to put up a fight so Sunday it snowed (and was frigid) and today it started off as -19°C (with a wind chill that made it –29°C). That’s some pretty impressive winter.

Sunday I ventured forth to check out a house for friends who are moving here later this year. It was in Leslieville, and getting there was simple enough. However, instead of catching the streetcar south, I had to catch a bus. For some reason the streetcars weren’t running in that part of town, which probably had something to do with all the snow.

Anyway, I made it there on time, checked out the place, made a mental note to visit Leslieville when it’s a bit warmer, and then headed home.

The afternoon was spent indoors doing various odd jobs. In the evening we went up to Bec and Alastair’s apartment for a delicious roast chicken dinner. They made these yummy smashed roasted potatoes, which I’ll have to try my hand at.

When we arrived, we of course had to check out their apartment and remark on how it was different from ours. Glen really liked the fact it was on the corner and facing west/north. They’ve also got two bedrooms, whereas we only have one. They’re also five floors above us but we don’t talk about that.

For dessert we had homemade apple pie, and this was followed by more conversation. We had a great time and one of the best things about it was not having to put on so many layers to get there. No coats. No long johns. Glen didn’t even wear shoes. Everyone should live in our building.

Monday was a productive day. I finished writing some lyrics for a song a friend requested. He and a group of his mates have written an opera and I’ve contributed a few song lyrics to it already. The one I finished today was the epilogue and the feedback I’ve received from them already has been glowing. And I got it in by deadline too so I’m counting this as a home run.

Other tasks included going to the bank, responding to a bunch of emails, writing a blog post for my writer’s website, grocery shopping, homework for a course I’m taking, and then chatting to friends online both near and far.

Glen came home as I was cooking dinner, which we’ve wolfed down. It was one of my standards, Vietnamese Soup with Chicken Meatballs. I’ve cooked it so many times now that I know the recipe off by heart.

We’ve also confirmed with the wedding venue that we want to hold the wedding with them. That’s one big thing we don’t have to worry about now. I’ve been working on invites. We still have to get rings, figure out the words for the ceremony, organise transport and accommodation, buy suits…crap, there’s still a lot to do. Who’s idea was this anyway?

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