Ski Redemption: my first black slope

It’s a public holiday (for some people) in Ontario and we went skiing in Beaver Valley with the ski club. I only had about five hours sleep (if that) so going skiing this morning wasn’t something I or Glen really wanted to do. But we went and we’re so glad we did.

After arriving and hiring our skis, Glen and I went to join our morning class. I was in four again, which was fine, considering how badly I did on Saturday. Today was a completely different story.

There were no clumps of freshly fallen snow on the slopes, far fewer people, a bright blue sky instead of a grey one with snow falling, and I managed to do all my blues and greens without falling. I had Jo as an instructor today and there were four of us in our group. Everything seemed to click and went really well. I was so chuffed.

We finished the lesson on a black run — my first — called the Canyon. We all went down together and apart from a bit of a slip halfway down, I completed the run and go to the bottom. My first black run. So proud!

Then it was lunchtime and Glen and I waited in a long queue to get some food then went out doing blues and greens in the afternoon. We had a good time together. I decided to do the Canyon another couple of times, just to prove I could do it by myself.

The first time I went down I made it without serious problem but I didn’t have enough weight on the downhill ski because I was worried about pitching forward. To compensate I leant up the hill which resulted in me falling up the hill instead.

I met up with Glen (who’d watched me do part of the black from another vantage point), we did a few more runs and then I went to the black.

The second time I went down I fell halfway and slid on my back the rest of the way down, mostly head first. Sure, it wasn’t graceful and it wasn’t skiing but boy was it fun, like going down a water slide.

I immediately got back on the chairlift to do the black slope again and had a much better run of it. I felt very proud of myself.

Glen and I then finished off with a very pretty green run and then went back to the clubhouse to get ready to leave.

We both had such a good day. We’re tired, obviously, and my groin is a bit sore but it’s a small price to pay for having a wonderful day outside in the depths of winter.

What do you say, eh?

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