Lost the skiing mojo

Yesterday’s skiing was hard. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was dreadful. After having such a good day on Wednesday, my confidence was strong but as soon as we hit the slopes at Blue Mountain yesterday it fled like the skis that shot out from underneath me.

Skiing!Getting up at 6 that morning was a struggle but we managed to make it to the bus on time, albeit a bit bleary-eyed, and seeing Vaughan and Tim on the same train and sitting with them. Anna was waiting for us in the coffee shop so we caught up with her exciting news of being offered work back home in Australia.

The bus arrived, conveniently cutting off Glen and I from buying croissants, muffins and hot chocolates. We’d eaten a full breakfast about an hour before but the sight of pastries makes our tummies rumble. Denied, we headed for the coach and got on. It was busy and the couples had to split and sit with random strangers. It didn’t matter so much as we each tried to get a little more shut-eye.

It’s a long weekend in Ontario, celebrating Family Day on Monday, a bizarre holiday celebrating, well, the family. As such, Blue Mountain was crowded. There are a lot of slopes but they were all busy with skiers and snow boarders.

Tim and Vaughan helping me up after a fall.
Tim and Vaughan helping me up after a fall.

After hiring our gear, we went off for our lesson. I’ve been spoilt with my Wednesdays, after having one-one-one or two-on-one lessons. Today there were four of us in the group, one of which was Tim. I struggled. I really struggled. It snowed all day and there were bumps of snow all the way down the hill, which I think messed with my mind as I couldn’t comprehend how you could turn safely in such a thing.

I thought I had enough weight on the downhill ski but I obviously didn’t. There were moments when it went fine, I did some lovely turns, but they were few and far between and I did some spectacular wipe outs during the day. Luckily I didn’t cause myself any serious injury but my groin was a bit sprained.

So I didn’t go up a level, which was fine. We then went for lunch, battling through hundreds of people to nab a table. We waited beside one while people left and then a bunch of the instructors came along and asked if we needed the whole table. Luckily, we didn’t but there was a potential that we might. We said we needed seven seats and then they had the temerity to act all indignant that we should need so many.

I then went to see Glen who was standing in queue for the food. We had an argument, a nasty one, in about two minutes and I stormed back to the table and glared at the people who were acting like we’d made an imposition when we had been there first. In truth, it was probably all in my mind and I was just in a foul mood after having a crappy time skiing and then arguing with Glen.

Food eventually came. We ate. We got over it. We were all exhausted and a bit ambivalent about wanting to go back out again. But we did. We explored slopes I’d never been on, some I liked, some were terrifying and we avoided them. We’re all roughly of a similar level of skill (Vaughan snowboards though) so that made it easier to determine which ones we did.

Glen and I at the top of the mountain in front of the Beavertails shop
Glen and I at the top of the mountain in front of the Beavertails shop

At the top of one of the hills is a Beavertails, a shop that sells fried pastry with toppings on them like crepes. We shared one between two and then had a hot drink. That was a highlight.

Loaded up with sugar we then went down the hill. When we were at the crest of one, we stopped to determine which way to go. The one we thought of taking was steep, very bumpy and packed with snowboarders. There were so many people on it. I then started to lose pressure on my skis and slip forward. I crashed into a woman and my ski got wedged between her boot and her ski. Then a guy crashed into me and locked us all in together. It was all a bit much.

We made it down to the bottom of the hill and then decided to do one more run. Wipe-outs aplenty and then we returned the skis and got back on the bus. I asked the guy sitting next to Glen to swap seats with me so Glen and I sat at the back of the bus and fell asleep. I think that Saturday was the most exhausted I’ve been after skiing since the first day. I now have the sore legs to show for it.

Glen, Vaughan, Tim and I then caught the train down to Dundas to meet Anna for a quick dinner at a Japanese ramen restaurant. Food was good, nice to chat and round out the day, and then we headed home at 9pm.

Glen and I are going skiing again tomorrow with Anna. It’s at private club though our two buses are going to be full and there’s no telling how many other people will be there. Hopefully it won’t be as busy and we’ll have a better day of it. I’m not sure how much my legs will be able to handle but we shall see. Must get back out there.

7 Replies to “Lost the skiing mojo”

  1. Hi Daniel! You guys really go skiing a lot which is awesome. I’m in Ottawa for Winterlude right now. Just got back from skating on the canal. It was -17 out this evening and it was quite windy but we made it to the 3.8km mark along the canal and skated back. Awesome weekend! We’re heading back to Toronto tomorrow afternoon.


      1. It was amazing! We visited Parliament Hill on Sunday. Saw the Peace Tower. Did a ton of Winterlude activities – checked out the ice sculptures and snow sculptures and went ice skating on the canal on Sunday evening. Overall a memorable trip.:) Oh we also checked out a few amazing restaurants.


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