Sucked into House of Cards

I had resisted for some time watching the US version of House of Cards, however, I watched the UK version last year and Netflix has very helpfully kept it as a suggestion ever since. I can’t quite remember when I started watching this version but it couldn’t be more than two weeks ago. We finished the last episode tonight. (There are thirteen hour long episodes in season one.)

It’s interesting to note the differences between a US and a UK series. The UK series (all three of them) were based on the books and so their plot and story arc was well mapped out to begin with.

The US versions take the basic premise and stretch it over 13 episodes without knowing whether a series will live beyond its first. Or when it will have its last. As a result, the US version has embellished considerably to add more conflict that can be sustained over more episodes, potentially forever.

For example, the conflict of the wife’s goals and ambitions or the conflict between her and her husband. They do not feature in the UK version, or in the books I guess, but they’re in this one. And they’ve done a good job of it.

After all, what’s the point of watching a scene-by-scene reconstruction with an American accent.

The storyline sagged in the middle with a few slow episodes, ostensibly to move chess pieces on the board and get them lined up for the climax. Game of Thrones does this to and each season there are a few episodes where it’s almost painful to watch it’s so dull.

But now season one of House of Cards has finished…

…and season two (all of it) is released on Netflix tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day! I think our evenings will be taken up for a while and, from the looks of the season two trailer, it’ll be worth it.

In other news, the second half of February is looking very busy. I’ve started doing a big chunk of work for a paying client. I made a solid effort today, getting through a good amount of work over six hours. There’s still a lot to go but I’m enjoying the work and the focus.

The edits/revisions for my book are due to arrive today/tomorrow and are due in a week, so perhaps watching House of Cards won’t be possible. I’ve also been asked to write some song lyrics for a friend’s project, as well as complete another friends website and get it live.

And then there are other things to fill up our time, like the gym (we have a new workout thanks to my cousin and it’s going well) or going skiing.

My birthday is also coming up so that’s something to look forward to.

And to top it all off, we really need to finalise plans for our wedding. We’re stuck on ceremony venues at the moment and neither of us really want to spend time thinking about it after we were told our initial plans can’t be fulfilled.

I can really see why people go to the expense of hiring a wedding planner. I have to call a venue tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be successful with that. Glen has promised we’ll discuss it on the weekend but I doubt it’ll come to pass.

Oh and I just have to share this photo:


It’s all the lint that was collected in the lint tray in the clothes dryer. Eight months’ worth. Lucky there wasn’t a fire.

What do you say, eh?

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