Skiing on a Wednesday: I could get used to this

I abandoned Glen to his servitude this morning and caught the train up to York Mills to meet the ski club’s coach. For some reason, getting up at 6am wasn’t too painful.

Devil's Glen

Today’s skiing took place at Devil’s Glen Ski Club, a private club in Collingwood. Apparently it has the steepest slopes in Ontario. I didn’t know this until we’d been down a few of them.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the guy who last week had offered to lend me skis this week. However, ski hire wasn’t expensive and I was set and ready to go in no time.

As always, the day started with a lesson. I went in a level three class, which was fine because there were quite a few people in level four. There was only me and one other learner in our class and we had a great day.

Me on the ski lift

I was happy that the things I learnt last week hadn’t come unstuck and after a warm up run I was doing pretty good. We went down green slopes, though a lot of them were pretty steep compared to what I’m used to on greens. I got down them without falling (in the lesson at least) and it was a bit exhilarating to go down with a bit more speed.

I’ve been promoted into level four though could go into a low level five if I wanted. I’m ok with four though. If I jumped another grade, Glen wouldn’t be pleased. When I messaged him to tell him of my progress, he threatened to kneecap me.

At lunch, we learned that two people had broken their wrists. One was a snowboarder and the other was a skier. It was the skier’s first time skiing. Poor thing. I haven’t seen the snowboarder but the skier now has a splint along her arm. She’s still smiling.

Chair lift

I bought new gloves during the break as mine were painfully thin. The new ones are very good but there’s still some coldness in my fingertips. I think that’s just the way my body works really, no heat in my hands and feet normally. Glen can attest to that.

After lunch I did a few runs with my skiing buddy but after a tumble down a very steep green/blue, she started to get tired and left me to it.

Up and down I went, spending probably more time on the chair lifts than on the slopes. I didn’t make much conversation, particularly as it was just so pretty going up the hill and looking back to the valley and the bay beyond. It was a beautiful day and I was so glad to be outside.

I want to get one of these for home so I can show it when Glen is difficult.
I want to get one of these for home so I can show it when Glen is difficult.

I shared the lift with one older guy who, by way of introduction, complained about the special electronic gate system they have setup for one of the lifts. He complained it didn’t work and if it wasn’t working, they should remove it.

It worked fine. He just couldn’t get the knack of it. I wanted to say that he was lucky it was such a wonderful day, that the snow on the slopes were wonderful, that the view was amazing and how lucky he was to be here.

I had one fall during the afternoon, captured on camera. I thought my ski got caught on something but it was probably me not putting enough weight on the downhill ski. I didn’t suffer any lingering injury, thank god, and was soon up and off again. (Will check the footage and see if it can be made into an interesting video.)I didn’t though. While it might have helped change his perspective and mood, I didn’t fancy being suspended high above the ground with an irate person. We rode in silence.

My technique deteriorated a bit as the day went on. I was getting tired. I was also getting a bit over doing the same run the whole time. Of course, it’s to my own detriment. I did try again towards the end and was told later that I need to not rush my turns, instead taking the time to finish them off. I think by that point though I just wanted to go fast, so I did.

I finished at about 3:40, nearly an hour before we had to get back on the bus, but I’d had enough and was pleased with how the day went. Tiredness swept through me after I returned my skis and sat down. I’ll sleep well tonight.

And only three more sleeps before we go skiing again, this time with Glen. We’re also going on Monday too. I don’t think I can go Wednesday next week though as I’ve got some work on. Though that is a good incentive to work hard and fast…

What do you say, eh?

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