The hunt for a giant inflatable colon

Giant inflatable colon
Giant inflatable colon

I had such a good day on Tuesday, not because of anything particularly big happened. It had more to do with my attitude, which coloured the world a little differently.

I got up at a reasonable time and called my grandmother. I hadn’t heard from her in two weeks and I managed to pip her to the post as she was going to call me a little later.

We had a good chat about what’s been happening with the both of us and I’m so glad we’re able to stay in touch across the distance.

I then went to the gym, the first proper gym workout I’ve done in two weeks. There was only one other person there so there were no machine sharing issues.

Afterwards, I got back into my pre-illness routine of tidying the apartment, checking emails and making breakfast. Then I finished a draft of a short story I’d started a while ago. There’s a short story anthology I’d like to submit it to and the deadline is approaching.

I’d struggled to get much further than my initial 1000 word opening but this time when I sat down to write I said to myself that I actually want to finish the thing. And so I did.

It’s nowhere near ready, but it’s a start.

A friend posted a photo of giant inflatable colon at his office building downtown and the absurdity of such a thing tickled my curiosity. As it was near the hospitals, I arranged with Glen to have lunch.

Spirit of Discovery
Spirit of Discovery

We went to Baldwin St, behind the hospital, which has a whole strip of small restaurants along it. We tried a yakitori place and I had a pretty decent ramen. I think Glen is going to work his way down the rest of the street. I’d also like to go back.

We then walked for a bit up to College St, parting ways when I saw a sculpture across the road that I hadn’t seen before. Serendipitously, it’s called The Spirit of Discovery, which I thought was fitting as I was out to look for a giant inflatable colon.

I next passed Queens Park and the parliament building, which looks so different in winter. All the trees are bare, the ground is covered with white, yet inspite of this, or perhaps because of it, it looks beautiful.

The giant inflatable colon was in the Mars building (which I think deals with medical research). You can walk through the colon, seeing what one with cancer looks like. The whole thing is to raise awareness about colorectal cancer, which is the second greatest cancer killer.

What I did find funny were two thirty-something year olds standing at the entrance giggling and looking like they couldn’t quite believe they were going into an inflatable colon, while at the same time, really wanting to. It was just a moment but it looked like they wanted desperately to be kids again where the thought of not doing something doesn’t even enter into your head. It looks like fun and you’re curious so why not?

I was in and out in less than a minute and can’t remember any of the symptoms of colorectal cancer but I’m glad I went, if only for that moment of curiosity in the 30 year olds.

Sign on a door at the Eaton Centre
Sign on a door at the Eaton Centre

I went shopping, briefly, after that as I need to buy a new external hard drive. Mine are all full and I can’t download the videos from dog sledding.

In the evening I made turkey/chicken meatballs with a mushroom gravy that even Glen liked. We then went to the movies to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

There are plot holes galore but if you look past that, I thought it was such a good movie. First, the scenery. He went to Greenland (I will get there one day) and Iceland (my favourite) and the Himalayas. Absolutely stunning cinematography.

Second, it was a feel good, life affirming movie that almost brought tears to my eyes. Glen and I both left feeling a little sad but I think it was the mind of sad you feel when you see something beautiful, something beyond yourself, for just a moment. The word sublime springs to mind.

If it’s still showing where you are, do yourself a favour and see it. And don’t think too hard about it. Just enjoy it.

So that was my day. I think it was so good was because everything seemed so wonderful and I strove to maintain that attitude. It makes for an easy life.

2 thoughts on “The hunt for a giant inflatable colon

  1. Hi, Daniel–

    I’ve not yet seen the Ben Stiller version; but have a look at the original Danny Kaye film of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. (Also, read the James Thurber story on which it is based . . .)




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