So that’s what skating in –24°C feels like

Tonight’s ice skating lesson wasn’t cancelled. This was a bit of a surprise. The temperature was forecast to be –13°C in the afternoon and –16°C in the evening and the lessons are cancelled if it’s going to be –15. Looks like they decided to risk it.

As a result there were only about four other people on the main rink and there were only five of us in the lesson. There were also four instructors to help us out, which was great (though there were only three on the ice at one time as they kept cycling in and out of the cold to keep warm).

We covered gliding and stopping and a bit of going backwards. Despite the extra instruction, I felt even more unconfident than the last time. However, this time we were doing “harder” things so I naturally felt a bit uneasy. Nevertheless, I was able to stop (somewhat), almost getting up to that cool hockey stop thing, and was able to glide for a bit.

Glen had a good time too and came away feeling much more confident. I think he even had fun.

The cold was something else. The ice rink is on the harbour front so there’s plenty of wind – and really cold wind at that, which is why it felt like –24. There were times when we forgot about it, mostly because we were trying to stay upright, but when we standing still, my face felt…well, I couldn’t feel my face.

Still, we were only there for a bit over an hour and because everyone else got frightened away, we had a really good lesson. Hopefully our make-up lesson on Monday isn’t cancelled and we must make some time this week to get some practise in.

What do you say, eh?

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