Out of isolation and into snowy Toronto

This weekend we made up for our week of relative isolation. Glen was on-call, working unsociable hours, and I was sick with a cold all week. I’m still not 100% over it but obviously well enough to go out and do things.


I was really under the weather so I spent most of the day in bed. Glen had a regular work shift so was home at about 5pm. I made dinner, a quick Thai chicken dish, and later we went down to Pete and Royden’s to watch Cosi, a classic Australian film. We’ve already watched Muriel’s Wedding with them, now we need to think of something else. They’ve already seen Priscilla and Strictly Ballroom.

During the movie, Pauline rang to ask if she could stay the night at our place as she couldn’t park her car at her apartment for fear it would get damaged. Luckily we had visitor parking available underneath the condo and a very comfortable day bed in our living room so all worked out well. She arrived just as Cosi was finishing and then we all chatted for a little while before heading to bed.


Glen went into host mode when we roused at about 8-ish, cooking bacon and omelettes for Pauline, Glen and I. After Pauline left, we tidied the apartment and watched a bit of Downton Abbey, before Glen got a hankering for yum cha. We rugged up and headed down to Chinatown where Glen proceeded to order too much food, his eyes bigger than his stomach.

As we were near, we popped into the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to have a look at the Guggenheim exhibition. Unfortunately, we weren’t in an art appreciation mood so whizzed past these masterpieces in about ten minutes flat. Lucky we’re members or it would have been a waste of money.

In the evening, we went to a party at one of the consultant’s houses (Israel and Ur), billed as a spring time celebration though it’s still the middle of winter. We had a fun evening, the cosmos were very strong, and there was a lot of sushi. There were also a lot of doctors and this really interesting woman who works in disaster recovery. Such a fun party.


My god it was cold today. We met Anna for breakfast/brunch at Le Gourmand. Israel and Ur gave us a jar of vegemite they’d been given; Glen and I were only too pleased to take it. Even though we ordered an omelette (me), pancakes (Glen) and French toast (Anna), the pieces of toast we coated with vegemite were the highlight of the meal. And with it being Australia Day, we thought that was quite appropriate. After we’d eaten, we stopped into a shoe store and Anna and I bought new shoes. It’s ok, they were on sale.

This evening, Glen and I caught up with David, a friend from Australia who was in Toronto for a few days. The snow was coming down thick and heavy and it was extremely cold. Poor David was not dressed very warmly and merely looking at him made me shiver. We talked a lot over dinner at Ginger (the cheap and cheerful Vietnamese place down the road) then went to the crepe place for coffee/tea and a crepe (well, Glen had the crepe).

So that was our pretty busy weekend. Hopefully I haven’t overdone it and I don’t wake up sicker tomorrow. So much to catch up on.

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