Lazy Sunday, quiet Monday

Sunrise over Toronto

Sunday was a bit of a recovery day. We got up late, then went and had a massive breakfast/brunch at Pete and Royden’s: pancakes, fruit, bacon and home fries. Such good food. Glen then slept for a couple of hours while I did some work and the rest of the day and evening was spent indoors. I don’t think we left the condo all day.

I’ve noticed that over the past seven months (can you believe we’ve been here that long already?), we’re seeing less of Toronto. We seem to have got stuck in a corridor and going to the same streets and seeing the same sights. To counter this, I looked at one of the Toronto tourism websites and have seen a few things that would be worth checking out. I aim to see some this week so will let you know how I get on.

This morning, Glen kicked me out of bed at 6am so we could go to the gym together. Really, I want to get up “early” so I can get more done during the day but putting that into practice is a bit rough. Still, we went to the gym and I was able to see a really beautiful sunrise (pictured above).

I had tidied the apartment before Glen left for work and I then reached my writing target before it had gotten to 9:30. I then got a call from Pauline who needed an urgent hand so I jumped on the train to see her. It helps having a flexible routine. Back home in the afternoon, some work and sorting out, and doing some preliminary investigations into booking a trip west.

Looking to start in Vancouver and drive to Calgary, making a few stops along the way. I’d also like to take the train cross-country so hopefully can get a good price on that ticket. Yay for booking holidays.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday, quiet Monday

  1. Hey Daniel! I love following your adventures!:) I wanna take the VIA Rail from Toronto to Vancouver at some point.:) Lemme know if you end up doing it. I’m pretty much set for my trip to Ottawa for Winterlude next month. Just need to buy some snow pants! Thanks again for sharing. – Donna


    1. Thanks, Donna! Will definitely let you know if I do the VIA Rail train cross-country. A friend back home did it in winter and she said she spent the whole time glued to the window watching the scenery it was that beautiful.

      Hope you have a great time at Winterlude. We’re there in early Feb so you’ll see what we get up to. Good luck finding pants.

      Oh, and we went to Fin Izakaya the other day (I friend suggested it so it was good to be able to try out one of your suggestions). Really traditional food. We ate a lot! My stomach was so full by the end of it.


      1. You’re welcome, Daniel! I know Winterlude is gonna be amazing. I’m really excited about skating on the rideau, beaver tails(which I’ve never tried), and the ice sculptures! Looking forward to your Winterlude posts.:) I’m gonna look for pants this weekend! I’m thrilled you got the chance to check out Fin Izakaya. It’s truly an authentic experience and we always walk away happy!


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