Skiing in the rain at Blue Mountain

Glen and I woke at 6am this Saturday as we were going skiing at Blue Mountain with Anna and Jenny. We’d had a terrible night’s sleep, probably only getting about six hours in, so getting up before dawn wasn’t very enjoyable. However, we were going skiing so we couldn’t really complain.

The bus was late. It was meant to pick us up from the subway at 7 but didn’t arrive until closer to half past, which meant we were a bit late getting organised at the resort. Driving through the countryside, up to Georgian Bay where Blue Mountain resort is, the world outside the coach window was covered in a thick fog. I’ve never seen anything like it first-hand though it did remind me of the fog the surrounds the house in the movie, The Others.

Ready to ski!
Ready to ski!

There weren’t so many people hiring equipment this time, which unfortunately meant the people from the ski club kind of abandoned us. Luckily, Glen, Jenny and I weren’t really late for the lesson, joining a group as they came towards us once we’d collected our rental equipment.

My first lesson of the day didn’t go so well, definitely not as well as the previous week. We did get to go up the chair lift this time. I managed to fall over getting off and took the other three people with me, collapsing like dominoes. As a result, the chair lift had to stop for a moment for us to collect poles and dislodged skis.

After two hours, we went for lunch, me feeling a little better because by the end of the lesson I’d started to get into the groove. We ate then bounded off for our next lesson. I also changed my ski boots to a smaller size, which I found much more secure.

During the afternoon’s lesson I was in a group of two with one instructor (before it had been about one instructor to four) and we just went up the chair lift to the top of the hill and then did turns (parallel turns at that) down. And so it went for two hours…in the rain.

Glen, Jenny and me
Glen, Jenny and me

The only time we really noticed the rain was when we were on the chair lift. Going down the hill we were more focused on turning. By the time we were finished, we were dripping wet, though the ski gear kept me dry on the inside.

I enjoyed the afternoon a whole lot more and had such a lot of fun going down the hill, particularly as it got steep at one point and I had to fight not to go zooming down (even though I wanted to).

Glen also had a pretty good day and by the end of it we were both bumped into level 3 for next time.

After the skiing part of the day, we went to the Village where the hotels are. Anna and Jenny had rented a room and stayed the night so we crashed out in their room for a while. It’s also a gay ski weekend in Blue Mountain so there were a few rainbow flags. Coupled with feeling immensely tired after all that skiing, Glen and I were a bit disappointed that we hadn’t decided to stay the night. Next time.

The four of us went for dinner at an Irish pub then for a drink elsewhere before watching the US figure skating championships on TV in the girls’ room until we could get on the bus at 9:30. My legs and hips were much sorer by the end of the day’s skiing, and at dinner I had the sensation that I was still wearing ski boots.

Really wasn’t looking forward to a two hour bus ride home followed by a trip on the subway but on the plus side, we don’t have to drive and the bus was warm.

Can’t wait to ski next week. Maybe I should go on Wednesday too.

What do you say, eh?

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