Why penguins waddle

With the snow and the ice that we’ve been experiencing here and in Iceland, we’ve discovered why penguins waddle. It’s to stop themselves slipping over on the ice, something Glen and I have both done (me more often than him) – luckily without major injury.

So we’ve discovered that if you shuffle your feet on the ice, then you’re at a reduced risk of falling over. Making penguin noises may or may not help reduce the risk of falling.

Today the temperature hit a high of –17°C (which felt like –28°C), probably the coldest day I’ve ever experienced. It seems though that Toronto isn’t the only one suffering from what one person has described as unseasonably cold. Ottawa had –26°C and I’m sure there are colder places around.

When I went outside this morning, my legs were so cold that I considered putting on an extra pair of long johns. Two pairs of long johns seems like insanity but there you have it.

It also snowed while I was outside. Now, whereas the cold and damp made me feel just like the weather, I smiled when it was snowing. There’s something about a bit of gentle snow falling from the sky. Even so, I’m glad I wasn’t out in it long and that I don’t have to drive in it.

Toronto weather

New Year’s Eve celebrations

Speaking of cold, New Year’s was pretty cold too. We went to one of the fellow’s apartments for food and drink with a small group of people. We’d initially thought of booking a table at a restaurant, however, we’re very glad that didn’t eventuate and Anna so gladly put us up.

Instead of an expensive, two-hour only meal in a crowded restaurant, we had party food, cheap drinks, played games and made excellent chat. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older but that kind of New Year’s Eve party sits with me pretty well.

Just before midnight we ran down to City Hall (Anna lives just behind it) to watch the fireworks. All five minutes of them. We watched from the side and couldn’t see all of them. A lot of them were low enough that they hit the building. We’re definitely spoilt for fireworks in Australia. Also a friend posted a video of fireworks in Iceland, the ones that everybody just sets off in the street. Made us long to return (particularly as he saw Northern Lights the following night).

At five minutes into the new year, Glen and I said farewell and walked home to drop our bag off and then head out to a dance party that we’d bought tickets for. We were both pretty tired, though the walk home in the cold helped wake us up.

We said we’d only go for half an hour but we ended up staying until 3am instead, dancing with a couple of our friends. It was a pretty good dance party. Still strange to us that alcohol service cuts off at 2am, though there was an extra special extension until 3am on New Year’s Eve.

The first of January was spent mostly in bed or slobbing around the house watching Downton Abbey. We slept very well last night too.

And now that we’ve recovered, it’s time to really begin the year. Glen has started with a 15-hour shift at work, while I’ve done some writing, been grocery shopping, worked a bit on my business and booked flights to the Galapagos Islands (actually, just to Quito in Ecuador for now as the tickets went back down to a better price. The other flights I’ll book soon.).

Here’s to a bright and happy 2014! (Oh, and if you like what I’m reading, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I’m always pleasantly surprised by who’s having a look at my blog.)

Pitbull Dance Party

4 thoughts on “Why penguins waddle

  1. My niece (now 16 months old) visited the penguins at Melbourne Aquarium recently. If you ask her, “Megan, what does a penguin do?”, she waddles! It is adorable. Her fish impersonation is also very cute.


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