Trying out the new skates

Us at the ice rink
Us at the ice rink

Saturday was probably the first day since getting here six months ago that I’ve found the weather to be unpleasant. It drizzled and was grey throughout the day. It looked damp and limp, a really English sort of day.

But we ventured forth, not letting that put us off. We went down to Nathan Phillips Square to try out our new ice skates at the free rink down there. Vaughan, one of the fellows, met us there, and Anna, another fellow, came down to say hi.

Anna, Vaughan and me
Anna, Vaughan and me

I’d worn thick socks which, combined with the snug fit of the ice skates, made my foot hurt. Luckily, I had the forethought to bring thinner socks. After a few minutes, I swapped them over and things were fine for a while. With more wear, I’m sure the skates will have some give in them and they won’t feel so tight. At least that’s the hope.

We went around the rink a few times, unsteady mostly but we didn’t fall over. I think we need to fall over a few times to get over it and then develop someone confidence. I might also look up some videos on how to ice skate because looking at the other skaters on the rink a) makes me envious and b) doesn’t give much of a clue of how it’s done.

Glen loaded with shopping
Glen loaded with shopping

The drizzle picked up a bit after about twenty minutes and the rink was about to be smoothed over or something so Glen, Vaughan and I walked to St Lawrence Market to pick up some groceries.

Being so close to Christmas, I expected the markets to be packed full of people but really it wasn’t much different from any other time. We bought some vegetables and some pork belly (I’m making it for dinner on Sunday for friends), then to the supermarket and finally home.


We didn’t go out again after that, outside looking thoroughly unpleasant.

In the evening Chan came over and we made pizzas from scratch. Home-made pizzas, particularly home-made pizza base/crust, taste so good. We got through three of them and I made a fourth for us to have the next day. We watched tv and drank wine and that was our Saturday.

What do you say, eh?

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