A world of ice

Last night there was an ice storm. I’ve never heard of such a thing. And people were reporting trees fallen across their driveways and large parts of the city were without power. The streetcars also had to stop because the tracks were too slippery and the subway couldn’t do it’s full route because trees had fallen across tracks and power was out.

We, however, didn’t suffer any of this and were amazed when we walked outside to go to breakfast to see trees covered in ice, as if they were encased in glass. From our apartment window, we can see groves of trees that look like something out of a Christmas card, all because of the ice.

I know that it’s not pleasant if you have to go anywhere urgently, or if you’ve been incredibly inconvenienced by it all, but from my own point of view, it looks magical. The only downside I’ve suffered is nearly falling over a couple of times from walking over metal grates in the ground.

The first time I did it I told myself not to walk over one again but twenty minutes later, what do I do? Luckily, I didn’t fall over and break anything. I saw old people walking around with canes and could almost hear their bones snapping.

Our breakfast at Smith on Church St was nice though there were a few too many potatoes (“home fries” as they’re called here) and pieces of toast. I couldn’t finish them all.

We went shopping afterwards so I could get a few things for dinner tonight as Kevin and Adam are coming over for pre-Christmas dinner. I’ve prepared most things and Glen and I have spent most of the afternoon watching Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

The icicles around our windows are melting and dropping off. Look out below!

What do you say, eh?

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