Forced to leave the house and venture into the snow

You wouldn’t believe how much there is to do after only three days away!

Jack Pumpkinhead on the balcony
Jack Pumpkinhead on the balcony

Monday was spent tidying the house and doing the washing. It looked pretty cold outside, everything still covered in snow, so I hadn’t intended to leave the condo building but Glen asked if I’d make a double-chocolate tart for him to take to his fellowship supervisor.

So I braved the wintery outdoors and went to a few shops along the way. At two of them I joined their loyalty reward programs and had trouble at both because they couldn’t understand my accent and the way I pronounce the letters a, e, i and o. Infuriating. And my email address is a bit out of the ordinary. I should really change it to something easier to pronounce.

Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Tart

I made the tart, which involves three stages, the last of which I completed at about 11 o’clock that night. It turned out amazing. So glad it didn’t stay in the house because it’s so rich and sweet. Definitely didn’t need to add that to my waistline.

The rest of my day was filled up with washing dishes, editing my website and responding to emails. Thrilling stuff.

Our neighbour, Peter, came by the evening to hang out for a bit until Royden came home, and then Glen and I stayed up watching YouTube videos of Fast Forward and Big Girl’s Blouse. Australian comedy at its finest.

Snow in the streets
Snow in the streets

Today Glen had an academic day, which meant he was around to cook turkey bacon. I ate most of it, only because I thought he’d eaten his fill already. Boy, did I hear about it! I offered to make him some more but he said no. I tried.

It snowed all morning. Looks so magical from inside our apartment. Another day where I thought I wouldn’t have to leave.

I was wrong.

Snow in Toronto
Snow in Toronto

I went to the hospital to help Glen with part of his research project. Despite snow covering everything and grey sludge all over the ground, it wasn’t all that cold. Caught the train to the hospital, helped Glen out and then we went shopping and bought a new iPad for Christmas. Spoilt.

Glen’s at a work Christmas function tonight so I’ve spent the evening at home watching old episodes of Wallander and eating a pomegranate (they’re big and juicy here). It’s been quite a relaxing time.

What do you say, eh?

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