Sunday is for skating

skatingGlen and I went ice skating today, our first time since coming to Toronto. There’s an ice rink at Nathan Phillips Square in front of the Town Hall. In summer, the space is a pond but in winter they cover it over and freeze it. There’s also a permanent building where you can hire skates from ($10 for 2 hours).

My skates were a bit big so when we got on the ice it felt like I was a bit uneven and my feet wobbled around inside. After about 20 minutes I exchanged them and felt a lot more comfortable. They weren’t the best skates though as there’s not much support around the lower shin/calf. But we made do.

I haven’t been on an ice rink for about ten years and even then I wasn’t very good but I must say today’s adventure went a lot better than I expected. There were no railings to grab hold of around the edge so you’re forced to just relay on your own balance.

We both went around without falling over and even managed to glide comfortably every now and then. I kept the idea in my head that there was all this evidence around me that people can skate so it follows that I should be able to as well. I’m still in awe of people who don’t wobble and just…skate across the ice with ease. And those ten year olds that zoom across the rink in a flash are amazing.

We stayed for about 45 minutes as our legs were getting sore and it was a bit chilly. Next time need to make sure we wear thicker socks. Still baffled by all this need to wear cold weather gear.

We then went shopping in the Eaton Centre where Glen upgraded his phone and we bought an Apple TV. Our cable TV subscription disappears in 12 days so Apple TV will make watching Netflix easier. We bought it as a Christmas present to ourselves but we’ve already set it up. Like we need to spend more money on ourselves. We’re off to Washington DC on Friday after all.

So ice skating is done, skiing and dog sledding still to go. Can’t wait.

What do you say, eh?

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