We bought an elephant and called it Boris

Glen came home early today, arriving soon after five pm for the first time in weeks. He’s now finished at obstetrics and moves to another hospital next week. We decided to check out the Christmas/Winter Markets in the Distillery District that are on for the weekend.

We put on our coats and long johns (and everything else) and caught the subway then a bus and then walked to the Distillery District. It was cold but not too painful and we walked around checking out the lights and the giant lit-up Christmas tree.

We tried to get into Mill St Pub for dinner but they were packed to the brim (there were quite a lot of people at the markets) so we went to the Mexican place instead. They didn’t have any seats inside so we sat on the patio instead. We had a heater above us but it was too small to make any difference. We also had a thin throw rug to put over our laps which helped a little but not much. My feet got cold pretty quick.

We waited and waited for service. Turns out they only had one waitress assigned to the whole outside area. Poor thing was run off her feet. We were eventually served, she apologised and was friendly. Food was nice. Sitting down for a while did not help the circulation and I think the temperature dropped a couple of degrees too.

We then walked around looking at the rest of the market stalls searing for a tree topper to go on the Christmas tree.

Instead, we bought a footstool in the shape of an elephant.

The shop called Reiner’s had different styles and animals. So while our elephant is patchwork, there were others that were all black or all grey. They also had moose, rhinos, a couple of types of dogs, bears and pandas. And they were on sale—hence the reason we bought it.

We bought the elephant and carried it to the bus stop, wrapped in see-through plastic. Lots of people stared at us—and it—along the way. It did look a bit bizarre, like we’d suffocated a baby elephant.

I think it looks quite good on our green grass rug. Oh, and we’ve called it Boris.

Now, to begin operant conditioning using positive reinforcement. I wonder if I can teach it to paint.

What do you say, eh?

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