Snow, dinners, movies and God of Carnage

Where have I been the past few days? Despite not posting, we’ve been up to quite a bit.

Friday evening Glen and I went out for dinner with Kevin and Adam. We met at General Electric (a Mexican restaurant) but the wait was two hours. Nuts to that. We caught a cab to Liberty Village and ate at a place called Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. Great waitress who wrangled us into buy a bottle of prosecco (it was half price). Food was good. There was a black pig sculpture in the restaurant. No reason.

We decided to have dessert at Kev and Adam’s so caught the streetcar to the Loblaw’s near their place, bought ready-made profiteroles, chocolate puddings and caramel popcorn. Oh how healthy. When we got back to their place, we played two games of Settlers of Catan – Star Trek edition. I won the first game; Adam the second. Slightly different from the normal version but still fun. We left at about quarter to one.

Saturday we slept in for a bit then, after we got up, it started to rain. Glen made squealing noises while I was playing on the computer. When I eventually looked up to see what he was making such a racquet about (he wasn’t screaming or crying so I figured it wasn’t life threatening), there was all this white stuff coming down out of the ski.

Amazing to watch North York disappear in the distance as the flurries moved in and started to cover everything. It lasted for a little while then the sky cleared and the sun came out. Was that it?

Glen left to go to work on his research data and I stayed home. Another round or two of snow came in. From where we are, it looks like it comes in pretty fast and wild. Really impressive. I spent the rest of the day writing and reading.

I’ve been re-reading a fantasy series called The Death Gate Cycle. I first read it in high school but remember liking it so have started again. Lately I’ve been going through about one book every couple of days. More to do with the “free” time I have than with the length of the book. I remember reading one in a day when I was younger. Goes to show how engaged I was with it.

In the evening we went to one of the consultant’s houses for dinner. It was us, Ur and Israel, and the other gay Australian fellow and his partner, Vaughan and Tim. Ur and Israel live in mid-town where the houses are big and there are lawns and backyards. We caught a train and bus out there and then walked through the falling snow to get to their place. I think it was about -10°C.

We had a wonderful, home-cooked meal, lots of good wine (and pomegranate cosmos) and decadent desserts brought by Tim and Vaughan. We stayed until about 1:30 or so, another late night. Well worth it.

Sunday we slept in again then Glen went back to work and I went to the gym, wrote and read. In the afternoon we went to the movies to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with Peter and Royden. Enjoyed the film, kept me engaged without too many eye-roll moments. Looking forward to the third one.

Now that I’ve seen it, the Sesame Street/Cookie Monster versions makes lots more sense:

After the movie we met Pauline for dinner at Panorama, a restaurant on the 51st floor that has a pretty good view of the Toronto skyline. There are a lot of lights in this city. Seems to be that the higher you go, the less impressive the food. It wasn’t bad but not exactly wonderful. Nice to catch up with Pauline though as it’s been a few weeks.

Then Monday rolled around. I got up early to try to buy tickets to Monty Python Live in London next year (the five remaining Monty Python members are doing a show for the first time in many many years). Tickets went on sale at 5am our time. I was logged in, ready to go. I managed to reserve three seats but they were in the very top, row Q…honestly, I could have touched the roof. So, I let them go. And that was it. All sold out in 45 seconds apparently. I could have bought seats on the floor for £250 (going up to £500) but that was a bit much, I thought.

I went back to bed and tried to sleep. I vaguely remember Glen getting up and going to work. I lounged until 10:30 then struggled up. I checked the Monty Python Live website, just in case they had announced they’d release extra shows. Because surely that would be the decent thing to do. If you say one night only, you don’t release more dates until a day or so later and you give warning.

Four more shows were released immediately and all sold out. Sigh. With any luck they’ll put on more, or travel with it. Otherwise, I’ll just settled for the DVD.

The rest of Monday and most of today hasn’t been anything really exciting. I’ve been to the pool, the hot tub, the shops, the library. I’ve read a book. I’ve written more of my new book (very close to 50,000 words now).

Tonight Glen and I saw God of Carnage at the theatre near us. It’s a play that’s been around for a while that involves two couples who meet to discuss one of their sons’ attack on the other. The veneer of civilisation gradually disappears and you’re left with screaming and shouting and a whole lot of primal emotions. It’s wonderful.

I saw the movie adaptation (Carnage) while on a plane a few years ago and loved it. It’s like a modern version of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf except less traumatising.

The performance tonight was great. We had front row seats, which at some points during the play was a bit worrying (one of the actresses vomits over the coffee table and things get thrown). But it was well worth seeing it and just fills you with a strange sense of glee at the civilised violence that takes place. If you haven’t already, check out the movie.

…and that’s me caught up for the past few days.

It’s still cold.

What do you say, eh?

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