Santa comes early in Toronto

Woke up late this morning. It was wonderful. We went for breakfast with Peter and Royden at a cafe/restaurant called Smith on Church St. We did try to go to Lola’s which is really close but they don’t open until 10 and we wanted food at 9. Very few places actually do “breakfast” here, it seems. No one likes to get up “early” on a Sunday.

But Smith was a good choice. Interesting interior design, eclectic, verging on hipster but not to the point of gun-in-mouth. They had mismatched side plates which got us talking about Glen’s mission last year to buy mismatched plates. Luckily he only bought three before realising it’s great in cafes but not so much at home.

Food was good and was nice to share breakfast with other people.

We then pottered around at home for a little while before going to the bank to put money on the credit card. We’d just about maxed it out again and were anxious to book a hotel in Iceland as they seem to be disappearing quickly. We’ve now booked our accommodation. The next thing to do is book the tours and then we’re looking pretty good for Christmas. I’m still so excited.

This afternoon we checked out the Santa Claus parade. Royden and Peter came with us. It’s a pretty big affair this parade. It lasts for about four hours, going from Bloor St West, down University Avenue and then along Wellington St to St Lawrence Market. It’s handy living in this area as it’s pretty close to the big community stuff that takes place.

We got a spot near the university and watched it go by. Canada really loves marching bands. There were at least seven. Pretty impressed with their coordination and skill. Must take a lot to march and play a flute or tuba or xylophone.

There were big floats interspersed with small ones pushed on a cart, or there were marching bands or packs of people dressed in bear, cow, fairy, flower pot or monkey costumes.

The biggest floats were organised by the biggest companies so there was Canadian Tire, Swarovski, Metro Supermarket and Toys ‘R’ Us, among others. Some you could see the link between them and Christmas, others were a bit more obscure.

One of the floats broke down in front of us. Something had happened to its back tire. The rescue vehicle came along and it was up and running again in about twenty minutes. No injuries.

Plenty of kids around who seemed to be having a good time. Lots of parents had thought ahead and brought tarpaulins to sit on at the curb.

Santa eventually came by in his sleigh. He was at the end of the line. As soon as he went past, people up and left. It was like someone had flicked a switch.

Afterwards we went home, stopping at the supermarket so Glen could get ham for his lunch tomorrow. I’ve written some more for Nanowrimo and we also went to the gym, so feeling good about both of those things. Tonight I need to make yoghurt.

As it gets dark at 5pm now, it feels later than it actually is. It’s a bit disorientating.

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