Remembrance Day and more

Monday was Remembrance Day and I’d read that there is a service at Fort York to mark the occasion. As I hadn’t yet seen the fort, and there was free entry on the day, I thought it would be worthwhile heading down there. So I took Jana and her mum along with me.

Today was also the first day I wore my new Canada Goose jacket. Boy, did it keep me warm. I only wore a shirt underneath it but there wasn’t any need for other layers (except for perhaps under my trousers. The coat isn’t quite long enough).

The fort isn’t at all what I expected. There’s a low wall running around the whole thing and inside there are about six buildings all spaced out. I didn’t get any photos as from a photographic point of view, it wasn’t very interesting.

From the bit of interpretation I read, Fort York was used in the 1812 War with America. One hundred people lived there. At the time it was right on the water’s edge but after decades of reclamation it’s completely landlocked – and practically underneath the expressway.

I think it was also burnt to the ground in 1812 and then rebuilt and used to store ammunitions or something. The buildings are fairly squat and the whole place didn’t quite fit with the picture I have in my head of a fort (there were no cushions or seats draped over chairs at all!).

We walked through the fort to the park next to it, which is an old military cemetery. A reasonable sized group of people had congregated, including about four local school groups. There was a service, the playing of the last post and reveille, the Canadian and British National Anthems, some prayers and that was about it. There was a bit of rain just as we finished.

And afterwards, biscuits, tea, coffee and warm apple cider provided by Starbucks, free for attendees after the service. Nom nom nom. The apple cider was very nice, though I’m sure completely filled with sugar. I was very tempted to head into Starbucks an hour later and buy a cup of it but I resisted. Bizarrely, a couple of people took photos of the spread of biscuits on the tables. Perhaps biscuits are rare here.

We had a quite look in one of the buildings before jumping back on a bus and heading back uptown. Jana and her mum went to the Bata Shoe Museum and I went home and pottered about.

In the evening, we caught the subway downtown to meet Glen for dinner before going to The Second City for their Monday night show (different to the show that’s on the rest of the week). Glen beat us to St Andrew station and was waiting there for us, which was a nice surprise.

I think it was about –1°C  when we got outside. Glen nearly wept. Once again, my jacket kept me warm (apart from my legs). We quickly found a restaurant to eat at, Paese, and then had a rather carb-heavy dinner. I liked the food, which consisted of gnocchi, meatballs, polenta and pizza. Food took a while to come out but that chewed up the time before the show started.

Monday night’s show wasn’t as polished as the “We Can Be Heroes” show. Different cast, different skits, which is a good thing but some of them didn’t quite hit the mark. The crowd was smaller too so that might have had something to do with it. Starting at 8, it finished at 10:30 with a bit of improv/preview of the Christmas material. By then though, I was worn out and ready for bed.

Today has been very relaxed. Late rise from bed, went to the gym, wrote some more of my new story as I need to catch up on lost word count from the past three days (nearly there), went outside to go to the bank and buy groceries (a chilly 1°C) and then tonight we might go see Thor 2, if Glen gets home in time.

What do you say, eh?

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