Quiet weekend

It’s been a quiet weekend at home. Feels weird.

Friday night we went to watch a contemporary dance solo-work called Desh. I knew nothing about it but Glen assured me it was by a really good performer and would be a worthwhile show.

We had reasonably good seats in the front row of the balcony with a good view of the stage, but my knees were right up against the wall so it wasn’t all that comfortable. And then the show went for 80 minutes, which is fine if you’re really enjoying it. Sadly, after about 20 minutes my attention had waned.

There were some interesting parts to the performance and at the end, where a whole lot of thin mattress drapes descended from the roof and hung over the entire stage, that looked really nifty, but the overall construction of the piece didn’t do much for me.

The notes said it was about consumption, the distance between Bangladesh and Britain and the links between them, but it looked as if it ended up being a way for the performer to reconcile his identity and differences with his father. This confusion over what it was about didn’t help make a coherent performance.

Even Glen wasn’t impressed. And then, when we got out, he realised he’d booked it after seeing the poster and thinking it was another company. Doh!

On Saturday we went to the gym and then shopping at MEC (Glen bought ski gloves) and then around Eaton Centre looking at jackets and thermal underwear. I hate shopping and the centre is crawling with people and it just does my head in. I can’t remember exactly how many “disagreements” we had but there were plenty.

In the evening we went out looking for food along Yonge St. We couldn’t decide on what to eat. I didn’t want Korean or Asian in general. Glen didn’t want Japanese or Italian. That didn’t leave many options and it was cold outside.

Before World War 17 really got going we went to the supermarket and bought things to make tacos back home. Ended up being a much better idea and we settled in for the night, watching Dracula and Grimm on TV.

At midnight the clocks went back an hour so we’re now 13 hours behind Perth. That’s going to make it a bit harder to talk to people back home. Consequently, when we woke up we were a bit disorientated and realised that while we’d woken up at 9:30, it was 10:30 yesterday time. We’d slept for nearly ten hours. The sun was well and truly up when we roused.

Spent most of the day at home before going back to the Eaton Centre in the afternoon for more shopping. We finally found some long johns and then went to look at iPhones for Glen. Didn’t buy one but we looked. The centre has big reindeer in it now (not live ones unfortunately) and the shops are filled with Christmas decorations. Glen is insisting we get a Christmas tree.

So that’s been the weekend. Glad to have gotten out of the house.

What do you say, eh?

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