In search of a Halloween costume

Friday ended up being a busier day than I was expecting. Glen had an academic day so was going to be at home doing research things, which meant it was the perfect time to go out and get things done. But in the end, he joined me, which made for a good day.

We slept in until about 8 or 8:30, which was heaven, and then went to the gym. I’d arranged to check out a house for Dave and Antony, who are moving here mid-next year for Antony’s fellowship, at 12pm down the end of King St East (so far!), after which I’d go to Value Village to look at costumes. Glen wanted to come too so off we went.

Caught the wrong tram from King St subway station, as the streetcar turned up the round a couple of blocks from where we needed to go, instead of just continuing along. We got to walk through a part of Toronto we handed seen before. Pretty dead area, not all that pretty. We checked out the house, owned by a couple who are moving back to Vancouver after living in Toronto for 20 years.

The house was lovely, done up very nice on the inside and spaced out over three floors. And they had a cat who was very friendly. The guy had already gone to Vancouver, and Claire was still behind sorting things out. Very nice person. We scoped it all out and then went on our way.

Value Village wasn’t too far away and they had a good selection of costumes. We picked up a two of the same things and then went back home to find lunch. I’ll post a pic of the costumes on Thursday, when we’re going to the Halloween street fair so you’ll see how we look. I was very happy we were able to get it all in one spot as I didn’t fancy going across town and checking out another place. Plus we were hungry.

We went to an Indian buffet just near our place for lunch then home, pottered, and then Glen had a nap. And I fell asleep on the couch at about 4. It was so bizarre waking up nearly three hours later and the house and outside were dark. Very disorientating. We struggled awake and got ready for dinner with Chan, a Brazilian guy we’d met a couple of weeks previously.

We went to a quick Asian place, called Zyng, and then his friend Humberto joined us. We then went to Woody’s for some drinks, stayed there chatting for a couple of hours and left a bit before midnight. Amazed that we socialised and went out of the house. Felt good though.

Not so good was the cold walk home. I cannot fathom it getting any colder. It doesn’t seem possible!

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