Ready for the snow


Last night we went to the Snow Show, a big exhibition of all things skiing and snow-board related. It was out in Mississauga, near the airport, which isn’t the most convenient place to get to. There’s a train that goes there but it takes an hour. There’s no train back so you have to take a bus that also takes an hour. Instead we hired a car to make it easier.

Ski gearIt rained heavily last night. I was surprised considering what a beautiful day it had been. Driving through the rain was a little nerve-wracking, especially at night, when the lines on the road are even harder to see. We took a quick detour as we got off at the wrong exit but quickly found ourselves back on the right freeway. We arrived with two hours to buy a heap of gear.

We ignored all the stalls promoting ski trips in the US and Canada and headed to the discounted ski gear sections. We quickly realised we were a bit out of our depth, especially when you see things for underlayers and body layers and all sorts of other layers. I thought all we needed was a jacket, pants, gloves and goggles. What about helmets? Those ski-beard things?

Ski gear

We’re just going to hire the skis and helmets when we get to the slopes so that meant a few less things to worry about. We started leafing through ski pants, looking more and more perplexed, when finally we asked one of the assistants what we should be looking for.

Snowboarding jackets and pants are cheaper than ski pants and jackets. In the end I don’t know what we bought. Everything was 50% off so it was probably a bargain though we still came away paying an obscene amount of money. We’re definitely going to have to go more than once.

Despite the cost, it was fun to try the jackets and pants on. It was a bit like getting ready for a costume party, particularly with such brightly coloured and garish clothes, the sorts of things you’d be shunned for wearing anywhere other than on a ski slope. I settled on some orange coloured pants with suspenders and a very nice grey ski jacket.

Glen got green pants with a a green and black jacket. We each bought goggles and then, at the last minute, I found some gloves that I thought were suitable. Glen still has to get some. By that point of the night, he wasn’t feeling well, after having had a stressful day and a splitting headache. Poor love.

So now, we’re mostly ready to go skiing. We’ll need to figure out what to wear under our gear. I overheat pretty quickly so the thought of long johns makes my skin itch. I don’t think I wore anything particularly special when I was in the snow in France, but then again I wasn’t hurtling down a mountain at the time. Our first ski trip will definitely be an experience.

What do you say, eh?

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