Good news all ’round

Woke up to the excellent news this morning that my grandmother made it through her surgery and is doing well in the CCU ward. I was a bit anxious to look at my phone, unsure of what message I’d see waiting for me, but it’s turned out ok. Much relieved. Bit tough being on the other side of the world when important things like this happen. Thankfully it’s all good.

In other good news, thanks to a friend over here, we have booked tickets from Winnipeg to Churchill next year in July to see Beluga whales. As I’ve been saying to people over here, the only thing I absolutely must do while in Canada is swim with Beluga whales. Now we’re a step closer (and at a greatly reduced cost too, thanks to Richard).

Glen’s leave has been approved for that time too so now all that’s left to do is organise flights between Toronto and Winnipeg, book accommodation and book the Beluga whale snorkelling. Last night I dreamt we were there and had come back without snorkelling and then were going back the following day. This didn’t make sense all because we’d have to pay twice as much. Oh yeah, and then killer whales surfaced and were menacing the Beluga whales so I wasn’t allowed in the water.

So excited!

And today we considered driving two hours north to the dark sky reserve to see if the Northern Lights were out. They were last night but looking at a couple of websites that predict aurora activity, it’s looking unlikely we’ll be in the right location. And Glen has to be at work tomorrow so a four hour roundtrip probably isn’t the best idea on a Wednesday night. We’ll get there though, when the timing is right.

I did go look at tripods and found a reasonable one for $150 but an even better one (or two) for $250-$300. I don’t think I can justify the more expensive ones when I probably wouldn’t be using it all that much. Will sleep on it and might buy the $150 one instead. That’s a saving of $100–$150. Bargain!

Other than that, it’s been a quiet day.v

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