Bit of a blah week

It hasn’t been a very exciting week, no doubt you can tell from the lack of posts. We’ve both been working, Glen’s week being a bit of a trial compared to mine. Poor baby was a bit over it all by Friday but I welcomed him home with a glass of Pimms and a packet of chocolate wafers. He seemed to brighten.

I’ve been doing more writing work, which has taken up most of my time this week. I’ve had to force myself to leave the building a couple of times because I was at risk of being stuck inside all day and night. When I did manage to go out, the streets seemed busy and made me anxious. Must watch that. Don’t want to turn into a hermit. Oh, and there’s nothing worse than wanting to leave but finding you can’t because someone has taken your set of keys as well as theirs.

Window cleaning
The windows on our building are being cleaned this week.

I’ve been to the gym, I’ve read a book (The Rosie Project, quite funny. Worth a read). I made a cake for Glen to take to work. We went out for dinner on Wednesday night for sushi. On Thursday night we went for dumplings with a few of the radiology fellows. Very social. Was a lot of fun, plenty of food, and lots to talk about.

Last night Pauline came over and we made pizzas (she’s never made them before so was extremely excited), and then we watched Steel Magnolias (also something Pauline had never done before. Honestly, what passes for education in this country? Maybe we’re just old).

Glen’s at a seminar today and is at another one tomorrow morning, though I’m sure he’d rather have the weekend off. It’s a grey day in Toronto, I think it might have even rained, so that doesn’t inspire much action. Albert arrives Sunday afternoon so next week will be more interesting.

Stay tuned…

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