Movie Monday and Movie Tuesday

Glen lamented, either Sunday evening or Monday, that he was having a full week at work this week. How unfair! I think they’ve been in the minority since he started. Poor darling.

I worked Monday too, getting through more work, which will nearly be finished. This lot anyway. Went to the gym too. In the afternoon I went to see a French film called Quai d’Orsay, as part of TIFF. It started at 5pm so I went by myself because Glen wouldn’t be able to get there in time, plus he had teaching after work anyway.

The film was screened in the Winter Garden Theatre. Setup for plays, it’s a whimsical setting. Inside it’s walls and ceiling and balconies are covered with fake vines and flowers, giving the illusion – obviously – of being in a winter garden. It reminded me of a ballroom in Sanssoucci Palace in Potsdam that is decorated to look like an undersea grotto. I think it’s even called the Grotto. Spectacular decoration, so opulent and garish as to be marvellous.

I got to the theatre early and got a prime seat in the middle centre. Excellent view with no giant heads in front of me. I didn’t turn around as I’m sure I obstructed the view of whoever sat behind me. Before the film began the CEO of TIFF came out to speak for a bit, saying this was the world premiere of the film by the great director Bertrand Tavernier. He then came onto the stage and brought out one of the actresses from the film and the screenwriter/author of the film/graphic novel.

It was a bit disorganised. No one really knew what they were saying but anyway the director was interesting to listen to. The movie is based on a graphic novel which is based on the writer’s experience in the Foreign Ministry in France. The main character is hired to be a scriptwriter “In change of language” and he has to write a speech for the Minister to deliver at the UN.

Nothing is good enough for the Minister who wants to say something rather than technocratic guff. He wants to be a poet, be a visionary, but really he’s just a buffoon. Very funny film (if a bit too long, a couple of cuts would have helped) yet it rubs up against the truth just enough to make you uncomfortable. Desperately wanted to shout at the Minister by the end of it.

If it comes to a cinema near you, go see it.

I got home to a starving Glen so, rather than cook, we went over the road for sushi. Wasn’t as nice this time but it filled us up.

Tuesday was more gym and more work. I ran a few errands in the afternoon, anything to get out of the house. Honestly, sometimes I won’t even leave the building for most of the day. It’s bad, particularly while the sun is shining still and the skies are clear. It’s been pretty humid the past few days though, which is uncomfortable.

In the evening, Glen and I went to the movies with Pauline and her friend Caitlin. We saw Riddick. Short for Riddiculous, I think. So that makes four movies in a row for me, with one more to see on Wednesday night. Then two more this coming weekend. Riddick wasn’t awful, just predictable and uninspiring. Oh, and if you don’t like to see animals hurt in films, stay away from this one. There’s a point in the movie where something happens and after that I couldn’t have cared less what happened to any of the human characters.

Had a late (second) dinner at Spring Rolls afterwards. So much food on the table, most of it Pauline’s. Amazed at how much she can eat hehe. We left at about 10:30, desperately ready for bed.

What do you say, eh?

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