Anything Goes in Toronto

I don’t quite understand how it’s Thursday already. My last post was from Sunday. Where did the week go?

And it hasn’t even been that exciting a week. It’s been mostly taken up with sorting out quotes and lining up work. Happy to report that it’s all going in the right direction, they seem happy with my work and it should be a good relationship. There’s definitely plenty to keep me going. Just need to make sure I slot in some time to do my own writing and the other things I wanted to get done while I was here.

I’ve got to work harder on a routine (and stick to it) so I can get everything done. Exciting but hard work.

Tuesday evening Glen and I met up with a twin brother radiographers from Perth as they’re on a four-week North American holiday. We went to an Italian restaurant on King Street W called Don’t Worry About It. I think they have gangster themed nights. The food was good though and not badly priced.

Still have to find out where to go for what and actually explore the city a bit more. What we haven’t stumbled across are any small bar type places, like the ones that were cropping up in Perth. And so far we’ve stuck to the more well-known, touristy areas to find food. Need to be more adventurous.

After dinner we had planned to see Elysium at the cinemas as it was $5 movie night but when we got there only a few seats remained and Lauren was going to come and join us. She didn’t end up making it so we wandered around a bit, went to a crepe place for some crepes (and I had green tea) and then went home. Tuesday night was really cold. The coldest it’s been since we arrived two months ago. And it was windy. Definitely not pleasant. It was almost scarf weather! And this in summer.

Yesterday I joined the Toronto Public Library (Yorkville branch). There are a few books I want to hire and it’s only a couple of streets away from me. Plus it’s free. And you can request a book from any branch in the city and it’ll get delivered to the branch you want. Pretty handy. And there’s some free ticket thing as well, which my cousin told me about, so you can get into some places for free. I need to investigate further.

Anything Goes biscuit, available in the theatre lobby.
Anything Goes biscuit, available in the theatre lobby.

Last night we saw Anything Goes at the Princess of Wales theatre. The season is nearly at an end and I’ve never seen it before so wanted to go. We booked tickets a week or so ago and got really quite good seats in the dress circle. It was a great performance, the actors were really good, some wonderful voices in there, and of course lots of well-known songs (though I only knew one song that I knew came from the musical). Really good production. But long. Got a bit tired in the second half (which I think could have some judicious pruning done on the dance numbers, particularly Blow, Gabriel, Blow). What’s more, Mum loved this musical so seeing it made me think of her.

Anything Goes
Anything Goes

I saw in the list of upcoming plays that Mirvish is putting on a production of God of Carnage in November/December and of The Last Confession (about the assassination of Pope John Paul I) with David Suchet in May/April next year. Definitely getting tickets for them.

Today has been more work but off out shortly for dinner and dessert with Pauline, Lauren and more. Pretty tired though. Glen and I haven’t been sleeping at all well this past week. It’s at least midnight, if not one o’clock, before we nod off and then Glen’s alarm goes off at 6. Ugh. Really need some sleep soon.

Oh and I’ve also been watching the House of Cards trilogy (the British version with Ian Richardson). I first saw House of Cards when I was seven years old and it’s always stuck with me, even if I couldn’t remember all the details and a lot would have gone over my head. (Always remembered the end of Mattie Storin though). It’s not entirely appropriate for seven year olds, I must say. And I’ve been watching it constantly that when I’m reading something I’m editing, I’ve got Ian Richardson’s voice going in my head. It’s weird.

5 thoughts on “Anything Goes in Toronto

  1. Google UP Jawbone to check out a cool device that tracks sleep patterns, can wake you in light sleep, tracks activity & links to heaps of fitness apps. I got one & feel better about understanding sleep patterns etc


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