Opa! Taste of the Danforth

Taste of the Danforth
Taste of the Danforth

All four of us woke up about 7/7:30 this morning, earlier than we’d wanted. Tough for the girls as we don’t have any curtains in our living area, which is where their bed is, so the bright sun streamed in. Even our room doesn’t get all that dark. Glen has bought alfoil to stick to the glass so we might be able to make a dark room finally.

I rang Avis to ask how much it would cost to extend the rental another day (so we could drive north to see the Perseids that night). It would cost an extra $90. Factor in probably $60 in parking for the day then about $50 in petrol and a trip to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night is starting to look a little expensive. Plus it’s looking cloudy today so seeing anything will be tricky. We decided that as the Perseids happens every August we could go next year and make more of a trip out of it. Stay the night somewhere nearby (it’s close to Muskoka), get some people, will be fun. Next year.

So I returned the car. I went in the wrong car park at first as its entrance is next to the exit where I got the car originally. Problem was this car park went up (same building just the upstairs and downstairs parking don’t connect). Luckily I didn’t have to pay for the four minutes I was in there. Returned the car, bought some turkey bacon and ham from the grocery store and walked home.

Glen made omelettes for the girls and himself, then I made one when I got home. We cooked the turkey bacon (which is pretty yummy) and lounged around at home, slowly getting ready. We caught the train to Broadview to get to Taste of the Danforth at midday.

Taste of the Danforth is a three-day Greek food extravaganza. Part of Danforth St in Greektown is closed and then filled with food stalls, promoters, rides and entertainment. Getting there at 12 was good as the crowds weren’t too thick and the lines not too long. We bought lemonade, some kebabs and pita. Pauline had Phad Thai. We got free chips, corn chips, Tumms, olive oil, and yoghurt. Pauline had to leave at 1 to go to work but we stayed with Laurence and walked up and back again. We danced a little (on our own) while walking and trying to remember how the Greek dances look.

By the time we got about halfway back, we’d pretty much checked out. I know I had. There were a lot more people now and queues were ridiculously long. We pushed our ways through and then went down a side street and then parallel to the festivities so we could get to the subway. As we went down, a whole swarm of people came up. I’m glad we left. I can’t imagine there’d be much more to be gained by sticking around.

But now we’ve seen another part of Toronto and partaken in what it has to offer. I’m satisfied.

The three of us are now back at our place relaxing. Glen’s having a nap and Lauren’s watching Pitch Perfect. Nice to have a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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