Rejoining the ranks of the gainfully employed

I’m working again. I have a great new client who seems to have no end of work available for me. Have done the first part for them and sent that on for comment. Hopefully they like what I’ve done and more will follow. I need to make sure I quote properly though and charge right for my time. I’m not very good at that.

The next challenge will be fitting it around the other things I want to do. Struggling to get up at 6am with Glen (mostly due to not being able to fall asleep until after midnight) so I don’t get up until about 7:30. Then there’s the gym, breakfast, showering and dressing, and chatting to people in Australia who are online.

Around work I need to fit in my own writing and some time to explore things in the city.

But the upshot is we’ll able to afford to go to more places. And with all the emails I get with cheap flights, there are a lot of them. Alaska looks very promising (and there’s a deal nearly every day for people to go there).

So the past few days haven’t been filled with lots of interesting things (but we did spend nearly half of the week in Montreal). I went to the farmers’ markets at the Town Hall on Wednesday and bought some veggies before the rain rolled in. Wednesday night we skipped the movies. Thursday was spent working and the evening was a quiet one at home. We did the unwise and subscribed for a month’s (free) subscription to Netflix. We’re watching United States of Tara (again, because we’ve forgotten most of it) and I’m also fitting in the UK version of House of Cards. So Netflix probably wasn’t the best thing to do.

Friday has been all work and I’m just at Union Station now to meet Simon’s sister, Lauren, who’s arriving from Montreal shortly. Union Station smells like jam dohnuts.

4 thoughts on “Rejoining the ranks of the gainfully employed

  1. Mmmm…jam doughnuts. Ric and I fought over the coffee van’s last one yesterday and I won. Actually, Ric graciously let me have it.


  2. Yay employed again. Well done. How hard was not speaking French well in Montreal? Was there lots of cute guys? What are the people like?


    1. Not so much yay. I’d rather not have to work but one does what one has to 🙂 We stayed in the city centre so that meant, luckily, everyone spoke English. And when they asked us something in French and we gave our best stunned mullet impression, they soon picked up that we spoke English. Not as many cute guys as I was expecting, perhaps we didn’t go out enough. 🙂


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