He shaved my earlobes

No, it wasn’t as part of some fetish thing. It’s what the hairdresser did to me today.

After going to the gym, finishing the editing work and going to the bank, I went down Church St to get my hair cut. We’d previously passed a place called Ho’s Team that was busy and I thought I’d give it a shot. Maybe it’s only busy when certain hairdressers are in.

I was shown to a chair straight away and I rattled off what I wanted done, which included shaving the sides and back and then trimming the top. Started off ok, though I was a little worried at how slow the guy was going, and I was sure that wasn’t the way to hold the clippers but it progressed. Throughout I was thinking I’d made a terrible mistake.

The hairdresser then used the clippers, at a thicker setting, all over the rest of my head, barely removing anything. For those of you who’ve seen me when my hair is long, it’s boofy, domed and thick. Uses clippers all over is just going to make it even more domed. But I held my tongue, thinking that it was just the way he started.

But then came out the little clippers to fix up the sides. That was it. I was going to have a dome head.

Unusually for me, I spoke up and said I needed it cut, not just clipped. Mild confusion then out came the scissors. Painstakingly slowly he trimmed a bit off the top. It didn’t look like much at first but to his credit, it’s now at a good length. So I needn’t have panicked.

Well, hair cut, what else could he do?

Out came the razor. Nothing unusual there. Got rid of the remaining stubble around my sideburns. Then around the edges of my eyebrows.

Above my eyebrows.

In-between them.

My cheeks.

Back of my neck.

And my earlobes.

I’ve never had them so smooth.

And all for only $18.

The cut turned out fine so there’s a chance I’ll go again. Now I know what they do.

Other than that, I bought some new shorts, tanktop and underwear on the way home; got a suitcase out of the locker downstairs and packed for our trip to Montréal tonight. Can’t wait. I’ve probably packed too much but there’s room so I’m not going to downsize.

There’s been an amazing price for a flight from Toronto to Milan show up on one of the sites ($575 roundtrip inc taxes or something like that). Unfortunately, Glen doesn’t have the leave available so it looks like we’ll leave that one. Perhaps we should just restrict ourselves to Canada and USA (and the Galapagos Islands) while we’re here, or else we won’t get to see much in this hemisphere.

Anyway, off now. Next post will be from Montréal.

What do you say, eh?

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