Mid-week mumblings

Kings College, University of Toronto. Wish I'd gone there.
Kings College, University of Toronto. Wish I’d gone there.

Tuesday I was determined to go outside, having spent all of Monday indoors. With the arrival of the Thermomix the day before, I decided I’d get some cooking done and make some of the staples that I use, such as yellow curry paste, vegetable stock concentrate and (something new) coconut milk. Looked online and found a couple of spice shops in Kensington Market so off I set.

I went to the train station but this station doesn’t take card and I didn’t have any cash. I didn’t even have the $3 it takes for a trip. It wasn’t worth me trying to get a weekly pass as the new month starts on Thursday and I can get a monthly card. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, so I walked. Estimated journey: about 35 minutes.

This building on Spadina Avenue is blocked off. Renovations underway I think.
This building on Spadina Avenue is blocked off. Renovations underway I think.

It was a good walk through the University of Toronto, around Hart House and Kings College, across Queens Park as well. There are some pretty impressive buildings about the place. And then I got to Spadina Ave, which is far less lovely but far more useful. I found the spice store I was looking for (House of Spices on Augusta Ave) and picked up a bunch of bulk spices for about $35. I’ve got enough to last for probably the next two years. I also bought some vegetables from a store down the road, then some more things from a Chinese grocery store, some jars, and then had lunch at a Vietnamese place. I also found a board game cafe, which has a big wall full of games.

A bit more loaded down on my return journey, I contemplated going to the subway to catch the train home but by the time I got there, it felt close enough to walk. The exercise did me good.

Homemade curry.
Homemade curry.

Returning home, I made curry paste, vegetable stock and coconut milk. All easy but the apartment smelled delicious. I had to nip to the shops again to buy some more jars because I didn’t have enough for all the stuff I was making plus the spices. At home, everything is just there (not to mention a well-stocked supermarket) but here I’m still finding my way around and deciding what I need. In the evening, Glen came home to chicken curry.

Tuesdays are cheap movie days so after dinner we high-tailed it to the nearest cinema that was screening The Wolverine. We got there bang on 6:30 when it was meant to start, only to be met by a sign that said it was sold out. We caught the train down to the other cinema opposite St Lawrence Market and got in. We had wonderful seats in the second row.

Enjoyed the film. Of course, there are some plot holes but it’s a comic-book movie so can’t expect too much. The middle was saggy as they awkwardly laid in a love interest that was barely motivating. Anyway… Hugh Jackman has some seriously angry veins on his enormous biceps. The ending (the real ending after the credits) was so joyful. Sigh.

Forgot to mention that I woke up to an email from the publisher I’d sent part of my manuscript to. She requested to see the full, which is very exciting, so I assembled that with a synopsis and sent it off. Fingers crossed she likes it.

Wednesday morning our friend Pauline came to our place with her sister’s van so we could take the oversized boxes (that were meant to go underneath our bed) back to IKEA for a refund. There wasn’t a spare seat for Glen so he stayed behind and did academic day stuff. IKEA took back the furniture with no problem and gave a full refund. Excellent! I then helped Pauline get the stuff to make her bed and I picked up a few extra things like a wastepaper basket, shoe rack and scrubbing brush for the kitchen.

Loaded the car, drove to Pauline’s, unpacked it all (luckily the super was nearby so we could put the lift on service and get everything up in one go), then quickly assembled the bed. Glen had very cleverly suggested we take the electric drill with us and it came in very handy. Stupid screws didn’t fit through the stupid holes for one part so we had to force them with the drill. If we only had a screwdriver, we wouldn’t have been able to do it.

It was about 12:30 by the time we finished and Pauline dropped me at the subway station while she went to get her sister. I carried home my bits and pieces on the train and then got home just as Glen was leaving to go to the hospital. I stayed at home doing various things until Glen returned, then we had a brief nap. I got up and went to the gym and felt much better, then when I got back we decided to try out the hot tub in the building.

Doesn’t look like it’s very used but it smells clean and chlorinated and is warm with a whirlpool. Might use it now as I think it’ll do my muscles good after a workout. Can’t stay in too long though as I get overheated.

Glen and Pauline sheltering under a rainbow during the rain.
Glen and Pauline sheltering under a rainbow during the rain.

In the evening we met Pauline for all-you-eat sushi at Fushimi on Church St. We ordered a lot but they’re not huge serves. By the end I was full but not in pain so that was probably a good spot to stop. It’s good food and fresh too. Pauline and I went there with Eileen and Kevin during Pride and this was Glen’s first time there. He enjoyed it so I think we’ll be back. Pauline very kindly paid for dinner as it was a thank you for helping her out recently.

We all went back to our place (in the rain!) so Pauline could sort out something with Commonwealth Bank and then we played a game of Clue. I won, making Glen very annoyed as he was about to guess the same correct answers as me. Poor Glen. He made good custard though.

Thursday has been quiet. We had a crap night’s sleep, taking forever to nod off. Glen went to work then I went to the gym. I did some editing work for a client and then out to a chiropractor appointment. I had lunch at Loblaw’s and then looked for UHT milk and yoghurt starter. Impossible to find.

I can understand yoghurt starter is a specialist item but UHT or long-life milk just doesn’t seem to exist in the supermarkets. Maybe it’s sold as regular milk? I want to use it to make yoghurt as I bought a yoghurt maker. Yoghurt’s expensive here (as is milk) so Glen’s keen for me to make some from home and hopefully save a bit. I looked in two supermarkets, a health food shop and a Bulk Barn. No doubt it’s around somewhere; just need to find it.

Oh, and I also made tomato pasta sauce. Looks interesting.

We’re off to Montreal tomorrow night so I’ve spent a bit of time looking up possible places to visit while we’re there, as well as sort out how we’re getting to and from the airport to our hotel. Heard a lot of good things about Montreal and I have a list (Yay for a list) of places that look good to visit. Can’t wait.

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